Thane...once again...!!!

I had some work at Thane, and I left my home at around 0930. I took the 1033 Thane EMU from Sanpada, and reached Thane at around 1100. It started pouring down as I reached Thane. I, hence, decided to wait for some time at the station itself. I went over to Platform 7 and stood at the CST end.

Just as I entered Platform 7, announcements were made that the Sahyadri Express from Kolhapur is arriving on Platform 7. The train turned up at 1114 with WCG2 #20117. The train was given the starter almost immediately after she halted! This train usually gets overtaken by Sewagram Express here. The Nagpur-Dadar Sewagram Express turned up after the Sahyadri went out. The loco in charge of Sewagram was WCAM3 #21941. Just as Sewagram started moving out of the station, I spotted WCAM3 #21960 waiting at the home signal with the Chhapra Express in tow. The train had to wait for about 3 minutes at the signal, since a Fast EMU was halting on Platform 5.

Just as Chhapra Express cleared the station, WDG3A #14813 of Kalyan rushed towards Matunga with a set of coaches bound for POH. There was no major movements for the next 40 minutes. There was some sort of a Signaling failure at thane and the Advanced starter on UP Through line remained at Danger for a pretty long time. Some people from the S&T department turned up quickly and they were seen checking something behind the signal. Announcements were made about the arrival of the Trivandrum bound Netravati Express at around 1200. The train turned up at 1211. WDM3A #14049 of Ernakulam was doing the honours of this 21-coach train.

I left the station shortly after 1215. I took a rickshaw to Wagle Estate from Thane Station (East). The rickshaw guys at West were getting too greedy, and were demanding Rs. 80 for a journey which normally costs only around Rs. 25! They were taking full advantage of the situation of absence of bus services currently from the station. The driver whom I hired from East charged me only Rs. 27! (Meter Tariff). After finishing off my work at Wagle Estate, I took another rickshaw back to the station (West), and this cost me only Rs. 24! I made a to-and-for trip for Rs. 31, while the drivers at West were demanding Rs. 80 for a one-way trip!!!

I reached the station back at around 1315. I had some snacks from a stall on the platform, and I was now ready for catching some more action. The first train to be spotted was the Mumbai-Hyderabad Express. WCG2 #20148 was in charge. A minute later, WCG2 #20119 pulled in with the Chennai-Mumbai Express. (This train, 6012, is currently run by SR. The train would be a CR train from October 01, 2007). Just as the train (6012) pulled out, another train was seen at the home signal! That was the Varanasi-Mumbai Mahanagari Express. WCAM3 #21954 did the honours for this train.

Just minutes after the Mahanagari left, WCG2 duo #20152 & #20112 rushed through the station with a BCNA rake towards Kalyan. A couple of Ballast cleaning machines rushed towards Kalyan side after the BCNA rake. There was no major movements for some time till 1410. WCAM3 #21934 rushed light towards Kalyan at around 1411. Announcements were made about the arrival of KR4 Ratnagiri-Dadar Passenger at around 1410. The passenger pulled in at 1415, with WDM3A #18621R of Pune in charge. The train was 17 coaches long today! Just as the passenger pulled out, a WCG2 hauled train was seen waiting to enter Thane (from the Kalyan side). That was the Coimbatore-LTT Express. WCG2 #20142 was doing the honours.

Announcements were now being made about the arrival of the Mangalore bound Matsyagandha Express. The train showed up at 1434 behind WDM3A #14126 of Erode. This train now shares its rake with the 6347/8 Trivandrum-Mangalore Express, by virtue of it this train got two additional General compartments! I boarded the 3rd coach from the loco. WCAM3 #21963 rushed towards Mulund side with a lone departmental wagon.

The train pulled out at 1538. The loco moved out quickly and we slowly crawled through the Advanced starter. The loco picked up speed shortly after the advanced starter. The speed was around 60kmph when we crossed a signal after the Advanced starter. The train maintained speeds in the range of 60kmph, when all of a sudden the pilot noticed a danger signal at Parsik tunnel outer! The pilot slammed the emergency brakes, and the train came to a grinding halt in a matter of about 2 minutes. Just as the train came to a complete halt, the signal turned to Attention. Kalyan WDS6 #36253 rushed towards Thane with a departmental rake. My train stood still for about 3 minutes, and then smoked her way towards the tunnel.

We crawled through the tunnel, and the signal outside the tunnel too turned to be danger! The train stood still for some time and then started moving forward. The pilot could see that the next signal was at "Caution". We slowly crawled towards Diva. WDM2 #16049 of Kalyan was seen sleeping off at Diva outer. We crawled through Diva station, and then the loco gave off a smoky start! We ran through Dativli at a decent speed. We crossed a Vasai bound BCNA rake at Agasan. WDG3A #14563 of Kalyan was in charge. We slowed down at Nilaje outer due to a caution order.

We crawled through the station. A container train was parked on the UP main line, and another rake was parked on the loop line (UP). The loco in charge of the rake on the loop was WAG7 #27646 of Kanpur, while the rake on the main line neither had a loco nor guard! I spotted WAG7 #27886 of Vishakhapatnam was spotted standing light at Taloja station. The run from Taloja to Kalamboli was uneventful. We crossed an unknown WAG7 hauled freighter at Kalamboli. We stopped at Khanda colony gate signal for a minute, and then moved ahead (After the signal turned green). We slowed down after Panvel home. WAG7 #27464 of Tughlakhabad was seen dozing off at the loco siding. My train was received on Platform 2.


Platform 3 was occupied by a Twin Kalyan WDM2 headed BCNA rake. The main lines were occupied by a JNPT bound Container train (a WDG3A was in charge), and a Karjat bound VPU rake (headed by WDG4 #12035). Finally, I rushed out of the station, and took a bus back to Belapur. I reached home at around 1645.

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