October Bonanza

Yet another October comes around, and yet another trip dawns! This trip too is now becoming an unbroken tradition. The route for this year's journey is as below:

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The trip begins at Belapur on September 29 (Today) at 2100. We'll (I and my parents) would proceed to Panvel, and take the 6338 Okha-Ernakulam Express to Kasaragode in Kerala. We'll attend a function on October 01, and then proceed to Kannur. We'll proceed to Alappuzha on October 02 from there. On October 05, we'll be back at Kodungallur.

On October 07, we'll reach back at Bangalore via Coimbatore, Satyamangalam, Mysore. We'll take the 6340 Mumbai Express from Krishnarajapuram on October 09, 2007. We'll alight at Pune and take a bus back to Belapur.

So that is a 3000-odd kilometre journey to be covered in 11 days! It appears to be pretty tight since not a very good news is being heard about the roads in Kerala! Looking forward to cover the journey absolutely safely. So stay tuned right here for updates and possibly some reports too!

I'll try to make an update as the journey begins...