Delays galore @ Panvel

After tracking all the delayed runs yesterday, I felt it would be better to be there are Panvel to catch the delayed arrivals!

I reached Panvel at around 0920. Just as I neared Panvel, I saw a train pulling into the station. Initially, I thought that it was the Mangala, but later saw the "KR SWR" markings on the coaches. The train was Mandovi Express. The train was about an hour late. I decided to check out the loco at the Level Cross. The train pulled out at 0930, and the loco was Ernakulam WDM2 #18483!!! The train had 23 coaches, the loco is sure to suffer! Probably the assigned WDP4 failed, and they got this loco as a replacement (This loco should have returned with Matsyagandha today!).

I went to the station and got a platform ticket. I went straight to Platform 3, where Mangala Express (ernakulam bound) was expected. I was expecting an "off-link" since the scheduled loco had not yet reached Igatpuri (to be more clearer - the loco comes with the 2617 Mangala Express, and returns with 2618 of the next day. 2617 of yesterday hadn't arrived Panvel at that time!). The train turned up at 0945. The loco was WDM2 #18059 of Kalyan. The crowd on this train was unusually less. 1689 Diva-Roha passenger was expected now on Platform 2. A Kalyan WDG3A pulled in with a BCNA rake on the Main line.

The PA system came alive, and announced that the 2620 Mangalore-LTT Matsyagandha express was arriving shortly on Platform 1. (This train should have reached the station at 0515, Yesterday!!! When I was at the station yesterday, the staff had confirmed that the train had been terminated at Madgaon!). Matsyagandha and 1689 arrived Panvel together. I decided to cover Matsyagandha first - The loco was WDM3A #14076 of Ernakulam. Most coaches were empty - it appeared that the passengers discontinued their journey half way.

I now decided to have a look on the Passenger train. The Mangala (Ernakulam bound) Express was still to get her starter. Just as I neared the loco, the starter went amber and the loco pulled out. The passenger train was crowded as ever! The loco in charge was WDM2 #17492 of Kalyan. I checked a BTPN rake which was parked on the main line. The locos in charge were WDM2 #16012 & #18237, both from Kalyan. The builder's plate on 16012 said that the loco was manufactured in February 1988.

I was back on the main platform, munching down some snacks from the stall there. An announcement was made that the Trivandrum bound Netravati Express would depart only at 1600 from LTT (Sch. Departure: 1140). There were freight movement almost every 15 minutes. At around 1115, the PA system came alive to announce the arrival of yesterday's Mangala Express (Ernakulam-Nizamuddin). I walked over to platform 2 (where this train was expected). At around 1125, the train pulled in with WDM2 #17474 of Ernakulam. The train was late by 22 hours and 36 minutes!!!

The train left about 10 minutes later. The number of passengers on the platform was increasing every minute. Some passengers got irritated when they came to know that Netravati would depart late! Some even went and shouted at the ASM on duty! Some others, who had booked on Kerala Sampark Kranti felt proud! Announcements about the arrival of Kerala Sampark Kranti was made at 1215. The train came in at 1222, with WDM2 #18576 of Ernakulam in Charge.

I had a very bad pain on my leg, and decided to call it a day! The images of the day are here. The first image is this, and there are 10 images.

Update: Some information that I got later: The TVC-LTT Netravati of yesterday arrived at 1340 at Panvel (A GOC WDM2 was in charge). The LTT-Mangalore Matsyagandha departed on time with a Kalyan WDM2 in charge.