Thane: Yet again...

The Thane bug seems to have bitten me very hard! The first time I went to thane in my life was in 1999 (April). In 2003, Thane became my "everyday" destination. The station was an alien world for me atleast till 2006. I explored the station in whole sometime during 2006, and found convenient locations for railfanning there.

It is now time to bid adieu to the small, busy and dirty station! I snapped my relation with thane a few days back with me finishing my graduation. Here is yet another railfanning report from Thane. (some more would come in the days ahead - sorry for that!)

I reached thane at around 0945. The Kolhapur bound Koyna Express pulled in behind an unknown WCG2. I was then busy negotiating a "traffic" jam on the FOB, and I was pushed, pulled and squeezed by the crowd. I really has a tough time securing my personal belongings! I went to college for some official work shortly after that, and returned to the station at 1200.

The Netravati Express was pulling into Platform 7 then. There was unusually a good number of RPF guys on the platforms, and resisted from photographing for some time - but later decided to take a chance. I took a quick photo of Netravati's loco - WDM3A #14080 of Erode. To my utter surprise, the RPF guys standing on Platform 5/6 went on to Platform 7, giving the entire platform to me!

I walked over to the Kalyan end, and kept waiting for my next "subject". The next one was WCG2 #20137 with the Hyderabad-Mumbai Express. Shortly after this, WCAM3 #21939 went past with the Muzaffarpur bound Pawan Express. The crowd was huge at this end of the platform - all passengers waiting for an unknown "north" bound Express.

At around 1241, WCG2 #20160 made her appearance with the Mumbai-Tirupati-Nagercoil Express in tow. The train cleared a good number of passengers. Just while the Nagercoil express was waiting for clearance, WCAM3 #21963 pulled in with the Manmad-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus "Godavari" Express. My train to get back home - TV27, leaving at 1305 -was to arrive soon. I rushed over to Platform 10, and punched coupons worth Rs. 10. Just as I finished punching the coupons, my train came in.

I rushed to get a seat, and managed to get one. While waiting for the train to depart, the Chennai-Mumbai Express pulled in with a WCG2 in charge. Some time later, the Varanasi bound Kamayani Express also pulled in. My train pulled out sharp at 1305, and I reached Vashi at around 1335. I was simply awestruck to see driving cab 76595 there at vashi! This cab was belonging to Kurla earlier, and was never seen on the Harbour line!

I reached home at about 1400. There ended a small trip to Thane. The photos of the day is right here...