Railfanning at Ernakulam

I was in constant touch with Jimmy right through the day on Saturday - June 30. On July 01, Bharat Moro, IRFCA, contacted me in the morning, and conveyed that he would be in Ernakulam. I decided to join him for a railfanning, and Jimmy would join us around 1530. I took a KSRTC bus from my place to Ernakulam. The bus journey was comfortable, except the fact that the bus had a flat tyre at Kaloor (about 3-4 before my intended destination!).
I finally made it to the hotel where Bharat was put up by around 1415. We proceeded to Ernakulam Junction station at around 1500. We purchased platform tickets, and decided to explore the station. A twin WDM2 of Ernakulam (one of them was #17474) was parked at the VIP siding of the station. We checked out the station, and saw a WAP4 on Platform 3. That was WAP4 #22666 of Erode coupled to a Kayamkulam passenger (I couldn't find this train in the timetable - but found another train which goes as Alappuzha passenger, and then becomes Kollam passenger from there). We walked the entire distance of the train, and saw another train parked right behind this train. That fellow too was bound to Kayamkulam, but via Kottayam. There was no loco with that rake.
We stood at the Aluva end of the station. WAP4 #22543 of Erode came out of the trip shed, and took charge of the Kayamkulam passenger (via Kottayam). Soon, a WAP1 (#22016) came in from the Alappuzha side with a passenger train...

The loco was quickly uncoupled, and the loco came forward towards us. The loco then parked itself on the main line. An Erode WDG3A gave company to the WAP1. Another WAP4 came out of the trip shed to take charge of Kerala Express. (Sorry, I don't remember its number!). Soon, Jimmy joined us. Jimmy recieved a call from Prof. Venugopal (from Kollam). He was coming in by Kerala Express. We went and had a short meet with him. Kerala express was brought in from Trivandrum by WAP4 #22298 of Erode.

The train left soon. We decided to check out the Loco shed. Just as we neared the loco shed, WAG5 #23543 of Arakkonam pulled in with an empty rake set. We then went inside the loco shed. There were about 4 locos inside, including WDM3A #16293R. This rebuilt loco had just reached from Patiala that morning (After rebuilding!). The loco went kaput on its journey to the shed!!! We had a round about of the loco, and then decided to check out Ernakulam North.

We were welcomed to Ernakulam north by WAP4 #22527 which was going out with the Alappuzha-Chennai express. The Bangalore-Coimbatore intercity was waiting at North station (This station is officially called Ernakulam Town, and is often referred to localites as "North Station". The official code for this station is ERN). Ernakulam WDM3A #14052 was first allowed to proceed light to the shed. The intercity express had WDM3D #11121 of Erode in charge.

After Intercity, the Bangalore bound "Island" Express pulled in, with WDM3A #14126 of Erode in charge. The loco changed to WAP4 #22298 here. After the Island Express, WAM4 #21266 rushed off with the Dhanbad-Alappuzha Express. We decided to call off the day. Jimmy then dropped me at Ernakulam Jetty KSRTC Bus station. I then took a bus home. There ended a grand but short railfanning trip!!!