Really sorry for terribly irregular updation here! But, I seriously couldn't help it out! The exam schedule got just busier, and I have exams on three days of the week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! The last one of this week is on tomorrow.

All these days were dry except for spotting a Tuglakhabad WAG5 at Nilaje on Tuesday. The loco was incharge of a very long Container train. On the same day, I spotted a WDG3A "Shakti" hauling an unknown freight train out of Nilaje station. I hope to get some images from the spot very soon!

Nothing special is expected in the days to come ahead Except for this:
I am traveling to south once again. Departing on 31 May by 1013 Express (subject to confirmation) and returning on 10 June - Departing Bangalore on 10th by 1018 Chalukya express. The itinerary would be confirmed very soon....please bear with me!