Busy and dry days on...

The days are now getting hotter than never before! The thermometer refuses to go under the 33 degree Celsius mark! The humidity keeps rising, and its good times ahead for people selling cool drinks! The university decided to keep its exams during the peak of summer!

The days are getting busier, and the fact that I now travel by bus is making the day more dry than ever! The only saving grace is that I spot the DIVA-PNVL railway line at Nilaje, but could never see a single train crossing till date!

The exams will go on till 31 May, and going by the clues, there could be a trip to the south in the first week of June. Its still pending, and I'll have to wait to see what really happens!

Sorry, but you'll have to bear with me for the erratic updation that would continue to some more time now! Thanks for your patience, and bye for now!