College days back again?

Not really! I went back to college once again today - to attend a Practical examination held by the university of Mumbai! The journey was normal but unusually looked different! It was the same old route via Kurla, but everything seemed different - To begin with:
I spotted the new "Solapur-Mumbai-Kolhapur Siddheshwar/Mahalaxmi Express". The loco was a WCG2. Right behind this fellow was the Matsyagandha Express, and behind her was Devgiri Express. Mandovi had WDP4 #20034. The rest was normal.
The examination was sort of boring, and quite monotonous! In the evening, I spotted Pragati Express with a WCG2 and the Nagpur bound Nandigram Express with a WDG3A (probably of Pune).

Update: It has been confirmed that the Mumbai-Latur-Mumbai Tri-Weekly express gets a Kalyan WDM2 for its entire journey - So that becomes the longest and the only regular express link worked by Kalyan DLS - Kudos to the staff there!

Thats all for the day - Bye!