A written examination!

Today was my first written examination - Internal examination - a prelude to the master blaster final examinations to be held by the University of Mumbai! It was a short 15 marks paper (the marks get included in the final mark list issued by the University!). The subject was Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry.
I developed cold, and Pyrexia yesterday by evening. I had my body and head aching in combination. I was unable to concentrate on my studies, and was sort of slugging the entire evening. I was OK by morning. I had NIL preparation for my paper. I made a visit to a nearby temple (after all, he knows everything!). I appealed to God for help, and took the 0737 train towards Kurla.
BTW, While waiting for the 0737 train at Belapur, I noticed the brand new DC 9-Car rake of Central Railway. The leading driving cab was 72359, and the trailing (rear end) one was 72361. Thus the rake is 359-361. The rake looked similar to earlier delivery - 353-355.
My train (0737) was quite crowded. I managed to get a backward facing seat, and got engrossed in reading for today's exam. The paper passed off quite easily - The paper was unexpectedly EASY!
While returning from College in the afternoon - I boarded 1334 CSTM Fast from Thane. Our train was made to wait for some time as a Gorakhpur bound Holiday special was slowly crawling into Platform 7. An un-identified WCAM3 was in charge. Our train ran at a very good speed upto Vikhroli Outer. A slow tanker rake was ahead of our train. We kept getting yellows (Caution signals) right from Vikhroli Outer to Ghatkopar Starter (A distance of about 4.5 kms at a speed of 15kmph!) The train literally crawled through the distance. We got a danger at Ghatkopar advanced starter - We were detained for about 5 minutes there! A slow train which we had overtaken at Bhandup overtook us here! The train finally made it to Kurla at around 1406.
I took a Belapur train at 1416, and reached home by 1500. Better I study for tomorrow's exam or may be GOD would question me! Bye for the day!