A late running day....

I got up before time, and but i was already late by the time I reached in front of the dining table to have my breakfast. I stuffed down some food, and got ready to move out of my home. I walked towards my car to find its rear tyre almost Flat! (Damn!). I slowly drove down to a nearby fuel station to top up the air pressure back to the normal 36 psi (pounds-per-Square Inch). It was too late by the time I reached back at the station. I missed my 0658 train, and Now decided to take the 0709 train. The train pulled in on time, and I reached Kurla at around 0745 or so. Just as I walking down the FOB towards Platform 5, the 0746 Ambernath fast pulled in. I had a mad dash towards the train. The remainder of the journey was all normal. No spottings (Oops! I spotted the Gyaneshwari Express sneaking into LTT!).
The evening journey was much better. I reached Thane at around 1655. The PA system announced that the Ratnagiri bound KR3 passenger was expected soon. The train came in at around 1700 with WDM3A #18724R of Pune. The composition of the train was: Loco-SLR-GS-SC2-SC2-GSx12-SLR (Ladies). The train left about 3 minutes later. The crowd was normal! Just before the passenger pulled out, I noticed that another diesel train was waiting outside.
Just then, WCAM3 #21893 pulled through the station with the Patna-LTT Super fast without stopping. The other diesel train turned out to be the 7605 Mumbai-Nanded Nandigram Express. The loco was WDM3A #18773R of Pune. The coach composition was: Loco-SLR-GS-S6 to S1-AS1-A1-GS-SLR (Just 12 coaches & a 3100 hp beast!) Just then, a Fast EMU pulled into Platform 4, while myself and my friend were on Platform 6! We decided to stay there! The 1716 EMU pulled in soon (that was from Ambernath!). We received a Danger signal at Mulund Outer. The Fast EMU which was on platform 4 at Thane was now crossing over to the main line! We trailed that train for quite sometime! We had a halt at Bhandup, and that gave the train ahead a considerable time to run ahead! I reached Kurla at around 1745. The Pune bound Deccan queen was yet to rush through!
A manual announcement was made on the PA system that "Deccan Queen will pass through Platform 5 shortly. Passengers please stay away!". The train blasted through with WCAM3 #21935 in charge! I took the 1756 Panvel EMU from Kurla. When I reached back at the station, I saw that my car's rear tyre was once again almost flat! I took it to a tyre mechanic and got it fixed! That was a puncture! I reached home finally at around 1900!!!! The day had a peculiar co-incidence! The trains that I took through the day were: PL14-A11-A50-PL83! Both the Ambernath trains ("A" trains) were 12-Car DC EMUs! While, on both the Panvel (PL trains), I traveled on ICF coaches!
Bye guys!