Examination: Day 2

Today was Day 2 of internal examinations. Pyrexia, cold and pain in my ear kept me off from studies, and I lay sluggish for the entire evening. After playing off for the entire evening, and a small meeting with a nearby ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) Specialist, I returned home - had dinner and slept. The preparation for today's paper was to begin just in the morning!
I made a visit to the temple before proceeding to college. I was busy reading my book that I had hardly any time to look out! I heard two WDP4 hauled trains rushing past Thane in quick succession while I was waiting for my bus to move ahead! The paper was a bit tricky, and I could finish it satisfactorily!
While i reached back at the station on my way back home, I spotted WDM2 #18169 of Kalyan pulling through with a Tanker train. My EMU (1334) was already late, and the esteemed lady made her appearance only at 1345. The coach, I boarded was already full. I decided to stay at the door. I was not able to keep looking out since the wind was too hot. I felt as if my eyes were burning. Near Bhandup, We crossed a BCNA rake hauled by twin WCG2s (lead by #20111). I finally reached Kurla at around 1411. I took the 1416 Belapur train from there on.
While waiting at Kurla for my 1416 train, a Light WCAM3 (#21959) rushed towards DR, and a twin WCAM3 hauled BCNA rushed towards Mulund from CSTM side. (That was really surprising!)