Exam Day: 3

The fever (Pyrexia) and ENT Problems that got behind me since Wednesday showed no symptoms of slowing down as I prepared for the third paper in the series! I boarded the 08:02 EMU from Belapur as opposed to my usual 07:37 EMU. Some extra rituals at the temple ensured that I reached the station late. I spotted Pushpak Express towards Lucknow rushing off with WDP4 #20028 in charge. It was all a dry day after that!

There were no specific spottings in the noon other than for one WCAG1 pulling off towards Wadala with a BOXN rake, and a light WCAM3 rushing off towards Dadar! I spent most of the evening watching a popular Malayalam flick on TV, and then trying to track the "progress" of India at their first match at the Cricket World Cup in progress at West Indies! The current World Cup runners Up were battling with our neighbour - Bangladesh! The Team from Bangladesh just restricted India to a meagre 191 (All out in 49.2 overs!).

Without much of spotting, it was a hot and dry day! Cool days for Air-Conditioners ahead as Citizens of India sweat it out! Good night guyz!