Two more normal days!

Today, and Yesterday were two other normal days! Back to college! I couldn't make an update yesterday since my internet connection failed!
Yesterday: I took the 0730 Vashi Thane EMU from Sanpada since I got up too late to board my usual local(s). I spotted Mandovi Express with WDP4 #20036 waiting at Thane while I got down from the EMU. The rest of the day was quite normal!

Today: I jumped out of my bed a bit early due to the experience yesterday! I took the 0658 EMU from Belapur. I spotted Deccan Express with WCAM3 #21888 at Kurla, and the Latur-Mumbai Express with a Kalyan WDM2 (This link seems to have become regular!). I spotted Vidharbha express somewhere near Ghatkopar. This train has got new name plates!
While returning, I spotted an unknown WCAM3 hauled train near Bhandup. From Mulund, a group of about 4 RPF officers got in, and they took seats near me. I was sitting as if they had arrested me, and I jumped out of the seat quite early before people around pass suspicious looks! I spotted a Katni WDM2 at Kurla DLS, and a WCAM2 hauled Tanker rake at Kurla Goods Yard. Pragati had a WCAM3 (looks like its a regular link now!) and Nandigram had a Guntakal WDM2 (Surprising, Eh!). I reached home at around 1800! Bye for the ya tomorrow!