Saturday....a train without grab handles!

aThe day was quite normal in the morning! I saw the Pune bound Deccan Express flashing through with WCG2 #20127 in charge. Off late, I have been noticing that this loco is almost regular with this train! Some minutes behind the Deccan Express was a WCAM3 tugging a dead sister towards the loco shed. While I reached Thane, WDP4 20030 was waiting there with the Madgaon bound Mandovi express. I took the ever familiar red monster to my college (a write up on MSRTC's Red-Monsters is on its way!!! stay tuned right here!)
I reached back in Thane at around 1625 from college. The 1627 CSTM fast pulled into Platform 4. A light WDM2 of Kalyan rushed towards Kalyan, and our train got its starter with the Route indicator set to "left". We slowly crawled towards the main line, and the 12-coach EMU was now completely on the main line. The fun starts now: The PA system announced that the train on which I was travelling was expected to arrive soon on Platform 4! The train was already on the main line, and we had a Green advanced starter! The train notched ahead, and we went through Mulund without stopping. We had a halt at Bhandup, and next stopped at Ghatkopar. While the train was from Bhandup to Ghatkopar, I noticed that the train lacked the hanging Grab handles! Instead, they lowered the rods which usually support the grab handles, and now passengers can
now directly catch the rods quite similar to buses!
As an indirect/direct effect of this, the usual banging sound of the handles were absent, and the ride was silent other than for the "clickety-clack" sound from the tracks. The fans too co-operated by not making much noise! I spotted a Katni WDM2 coupled to two dead WDS4s at Kurla. I reached Kurla at around 1650. The 1659 Panvel EMU was expected to arrive late by 10 minutes, and the crowd waiting for this train was swelling every second! I decided to leave that train, and instead waited for the 1704 Belapur EMU. That EMU, as usual, had quite less crowd, and I managed to get a seat....Reached home by around 1755....Bye!!!!

By-The-Way: Expect a good journey description of a good journey waiting to happen tomorrow! SO, come again tomorrow...preferably by night!


Anonymous said…
Binai, I am waiting for the full-fledged trip report of "Pilgrimage 2007" including all notes about the food, overall rating of pantry etc. When are you going to post it?.... Parag