A journey on a KSRTC Super Fast

After we finished all works at Ernakulam, We (myself and my dad) had to proceed to Coimbatore. We were to board our train towards Mumbai from there. The train was to depart at 0800, and hence we had to reach there by the previous night. Accordingly, My uncle called up the bus terminus and enquired the timings of bus services, and they said that there was one bus at 1630.
We left home, and reached the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation Bus Terminus located near Ernakulam Railway Station at around 1615. I enquired at the enquiry counter, and they said that the bus hasn't come. Finally at around 1655 or so, we saw the bus going towards a fuel station. We boarded the bus at the fuel station.
The bus - KL15 6170, Fleet number RT992 of Thiruvananthapuram Central Depot. The bus was working a Thiruvananthapuram - Coimbatore Inter-State Super Fast schedule. The bus appeared to be quite new, and had a BSII, "H" series Turbo-Charged engine of Hino mounted on an Ashok Leyland Chassis. The bus had a characteristic whine of Hino TC engines! The bus had a "Volvo-Like" shape. (Similar to the one seen in the image above).
The bus pulled out of the bus terminus at 1700, delayed by 30 minutes. The bus stopped at Chalakudi, Thrissur and Palakkad in Kerala. The bus could never go above 60kmph! The bus either had a major engine fault OR had a speed governor installed! I was seated right behind the driver, and the poor fellow could not even overtake other vehicles owing to poor pickup of the bus! All the 51 seats in the bus was taken, and there were standees for almost the entire length of the journey!
We got down at Ukkadam Bus station in the outskirts of Coimbatore city, and took an autorickshaw towards the railway station. The bus took more than 5 hours for the 200-odd kilometre journey! Earlier KSRTC buses were known for their speed (and the drivers for their rash/reckless driving!). But this show from KSRTC was disappointing!