Another day at college!

Today was yet another boring day at college....

I spotted Deccan Express in the morning with WCAM3 #21892. In the evening, while Returning, I spotted the following:
  • Trivandrum-LTT Netravati Express - Erode WDM3A #14127
  • Pragati Express (Towards Pune) - Unknown WCAM3
  • Ratnagiri Passenger (Delayed!) - Unknown WDM3A in DCW livery
  • Nandigram Express (Nanded bound) - Pune WDM3A
The day was quite tiring, and I have loads of works to finish for tomorrow! Am logging off for the moment....
Wait::: The countdown for the last day at college has almost begun! Out Internal Examinations are beginning March 15th! The University's Final Practical Examinations begin on April 16th! Going by these dates, our college days would come to an end by around the first-second week of April...about 25-30 working daysssss more!