Just wait a minute....

It was chilling outside and my eyes were too heavy for me to keep them open! I was sitting inside the 06:58 BEPR-CSTM slow EMU on a cold Thursday morning. On Wednesday, I had reached my home quite late and it was 2130 when I reached home. I went to bed only by 2330, and had to get up by 0500. I hardly slept since my entire body was aching badly after an entire day of hard "roaming".
On Wednesday, myself and my team went to the water packaging plant of a famous brand owned by an Multinational Cola Giant. Our aim was to study their techniques and steps in processing. Their processes were too impressive and we managed to get a few samples of their treatment media. After that, we visited a "glass blower" at Andheri to get quotes for the design of glass column that we were looking for. We finally got one, and discussed out the rates.
On Thursday, we got approval from the college for the apparatus. Our college arranged for another trip to a manufacturing unit in Bhandup. Our project got a boost here. (Details of that would be discussed in detail after the presentation of the project is over!)
Right through these days, I had literally no time to railfan. I spent most of the time reading through literature for our project and for collection of data. I hope to get some time to unwind very soon! Bye for the night/day, I have to go to college again tomorrow to work out some more "economics" of the project!!!