The first railfanning of the Year!

The best way to enter a new year is to go on a railfanning round! It was something that I had been thinking for the past few days! Till about 1130, I kept tracking a particular train on Konkan Railway's Current train position website. So finally after I confirmed that the train was infact reaching Panvel soon, I left my home towards Belapur station.
I finally reached Panvel at 1225. I purchased a Platform ticket and entered the station. I had a glance at the train status board, and I found that my "target" train was an hour late! I roamed around the station, and had a glance at the "Coach composition" board. My eyes popped out when I saw the composition of 2977 ERS-JP Marusagar Express. The train had 23 coaches!!! The PA System came alive, and the arrival of KR4 Ratnagiri-Dadar passenger was announced. Trivandrum bound Netravati Express was also scheduled soon. I rushed to Platform 2. A BCNA rake, hauled by WCAG1 #21974 pulled into Panvel. At around 1253, WDM3A #16013R of Pune pulled into the station with the 18-coach rake of the Dadar passenger.
Just as the Passenger pulled out of the station, the Trivandrum bound (6345) Netravati Express pulled in. The loco doing the honours was WDM2 #18535 of Erode. The 21-coach "heavy weight" had a 2600-hp beast to do the honours! It appears as if Erode's WDM2s are more powerful! These locos look promising! I checked the rake of the train, and finally moved back to Platform 1.
I remained on Platform 1 to watch my "target" train. Just as I was waiting, a Hubli based WDG4 (#12061) rushed through Platform 3 with a BCCN (ACC owned Bulk Cement Carrier rake). I was disappointed by that miss!!! The train ran through the station without stopping!
At around 1335, the Nizamuddin bound Winter Special train from Trivandrum pulled in. That was my target train!!! The loco doing the honours was WDG3A #13066 from Kalyan. Guess what??? The train had a CBC rake! The train had 18 coaches of which 1 was from SR, 2 from SCR and the remaining 15 from NR. All the coaches were mint fresh, and appeared to be freshly turned out of ICF Chennai! The train, as per the reservation website, has an AC-2-Tier coach. The coach position board also said the same! But in reality, the train had an AC-3-Tier coach! That coach was 06123/C turned out of RCF in October 2006.
By now, announcements regarding the arrival of the Mangala express were being played. I rushed to Platform 3 to have a look at the train. I already saw the train approaching the station. WAG5 #23218 from Tughlakhabad was pulling into Platform 2 with a BLCA/B (Container) rake. The train (mangala) pulled closer, and the loco was WDM2 #16673 of Ernakulam. I did not want to wait until the rake came to a halt, and instead rushed out of the station as quickly as possible to take the first possible EMU towards Belapur. Photos of the day are available here.