Another tiring day!

Saturday was yet another tiring day. I drove down to college to collect cash for purchasing the apparatus required for our model making. From my college, I dove down to Andheri to pick up the material, and then returned to college to hand over the apparatus. I drove back home after that. That was a 100+ kilometre drive through heavily crowded roads!
I was damn tired at the end of the day, but still wanted to make a visit to the sports ground of BVP's College which is just 4 kms from home. Our college was playing against MET College in a game of cricket. When I reached there, about 2 and a half overs were remaining. The match was decisive, and our players were battling quite well. We were on the batting side. In the last over, we required about 12 runs. On the 4th ball, the batsman took the ball for a four. In the next ball, they scored 3 runs. In the last ball, he hit above for a four/six. Unluckily, he was caught out and our team is now out of the tournament!
After a dejected day, I returned back home. Today, I have hell lots of work to be done, and hope to back to normal by tomorrow!