Last railfanning of the Year!

December 30, 2007 saw my last railfanning of the year! The railfanning was NOT a separate session but coupled, as usual, with my journey to my college...
I took my usual train from Belapur to Kurla, the 06:58 Belapur - Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus "Slow" EMU via the Harbour Line. The only difference to the day was that, Instead of me driving down to the station, My brother dropped me at the station! I was all determined to capture the Pune bound Deccan Express today! On each day I try to get an Image, but I fail miserably and get a blurred image. Today I decided to try something different - Zoom the camera and capture the Loco face-to-face. The result is above!
I boarded the 07:41 EMU from thereon to Kurla. I was happy to see the Mandovi waiting at the station. I considered me lucky enough to see her for the last time in this year! For the past ONE week, this lady had been running "regularly" late! The loco in charge to day was WDP4 #20026 working Short hood forward. I had to rush out of the station to avoid being late to college.
In the evening, due to unforeseen circumstances, I could leave college only at 1630. By the time I reached Thane, it was 1720. I boarded the 1725 Thane - Dadar Fast EMU. While at entering the station, I spotted the Nanded bound Nandigram waiting for departure. We crossed the Pune bound Deccan Queen somewhere near Bhandup or Vikhroli. I reached Kurla just in time for the 17:47 Vashi EMU. My brother was coming to Vashi, and I could then avoid travelling all the way to Belapur, and we had some purchase at Vashi. The "action filled" year - 2006's last railfanning thus came to an end!