10 minutes of tension!

I was on board my, by now, regular 06:58 EMU from Belapur. The journey was normal until Kurla. Just as I got out from the train in Kurla, my foot started paining (and it still pains!). I rushed up the Foot-Over bridge to reach Platform 5. Deccan express had already crossed. There was no signs of my train (0741 Asangaon Fast) pulling in. I heard the horn of a diesel locomotive at a distance, but wasn't able to spot is anywhere. Suddenly, a Kalyan WDM2 was approaching platform 6. I scrambled for my Camera. I found that the camera had accidentally switched on, and had been switched off my the power-saver function. The loco was coming closer. I tried to revive my camera, and she luckily responded. I had hardly a few seconds to click, and finally clicked hoping for the best! The picture above is the result!
Just as the loco passed, and the name of the train was visible, I burst out due to happiness! That was the Latur-Mumbai Express which has been on Diesel link since about 2 weeks. I finally succeeded in catching the train with its new diesel power!!!! Just as I turned back, I saw my train already pulling in. I jumped into the first class coach, and sat down totally relaxed. I started playing a game on my mobile phone. The style of driving of the particular motorman was interesting! We crossed an unidentified express (should be probably the Vidharbha Express) near Vikhroli. The EMU slowed down almost to a halt about two blocks before Bhandup. She then picked speed, and rushed through Bhandup with the horns blarring at full swing at a speed close to atleast 80 kmph!!! That was the best ever run through I have ever experienced on an EMU!
Mandovi was late, and hadn't arrived Thane! I rushed out of the station, and got a bus towards my college right outside Platform 2! I reached College at 0825 itself.
In the evening, My friend who was accompanying me wanted to reach Ghatkopar by 1630 due to certain personal appointments. We rushed towards Thane from our college. We reached there by 1555, and the fast was at 1603. Just minutes after we entered the platform, the Ratnagiri passenger came in WDM3A #18773R of Pune in charge. Our train pulled in at 1606. The second class coaches were jam packed. My friend holds a Second class pass, while I have a First class pass. I jumped into an FC coach, and that had quite a few empty seats while the Second class closeby was jam packed, and there were no empty space to even stand! My friend (let us call him Mr. SR) jumped into the FC just before the train pulled out.
Just as the train started moving, I noticed him and offered a seat which he refused. I just then noticed a gentleman wearing a vertical-striped shirt standing on the doorway. He was cleaning his spectacles. I had an internal feeling that he is a Ticket Inspector (TI)! The way he stood and his body language were clear indicators of the same. He indeed was! He started checking tickets of passengers near the door. He was at the first doorway of the coach, while Mr. SR was the second. I could see Mr. SR going pale and sweating out. All he had in his pocket was Rs. 100, and few loose change (coins). He quickly handed the 100-rupee note to me, and stood confidently. The TI was coming closer. I was preparing the see the worst. The TI caught a person travelling with a second class ticket, and asked him to pay the fine. In that excitement, the TI forgot to check the class of Mr. SR's season ticket! He escaped!
The TI came inwards, and checked my Season ticket - No problems. He caught a person with an expired Season ticket who was sitting near me! The TI got two preys in one single coach!!! Mr. SR came and sat near me with a relieved face after about 10 minutes of nail biting moments! I even felt that the train was running too slow! Mr. SR gave off a wicked smile, and signalled me to return his money tomorrow at the college, and got off at his destination - Ghatkopar! I carried on till Kurla. At Kurla, I spotted the Pragati express with a WCAM3 in charge. The train had three mis-matched liveried coaches - Two SLR, and the Pantry coach!
I boarded the 16:49 Belapur local from Kurla, and made it home by 1730! Bye for the day. I am feeling too sleepy, and am retiring off for the day!