Another day with VSP...

I got up quite late in the morning. It was already 0800 by then. I quickly got up, and messaged VSP to find the time when he is expected at Panvel. The reply was "1030"! I was relaxed. I reached Belapur station at around 1000. I called up Deepesh Soni while on the platform, and he said that his train is just pulling in.
I joined the same train, I was in the second coach while he was in the seventh. We met each other at Panvel. The train was hell crowded. Just as I got down, I heard the announcements regarding the arrival of 1689 Diva-Roha passenger. With Deep, I rushed in to see the loco already pulling in. That was WDM2 #18852 of Kalyan. Abhishek Tamhankar was to join us by this train, but he couldn't come down. We walked back towards the ticket counter to get a Platform ticket, but the counter had a very long queue.
We decided to stand on the FOB for some time. Around this time, a MU-ed pair of WCAM3s pulled in. Also, WCAG1 #21972 pulled in with a BLCA/B rake from Karjat. We were back at the ticket counter, and I decided to queue up. After getting the tickets, we were back at the platform. A tanker rake hauled by twin WDM2s pulled in. The locos were WDM2 #17590 & #17608. The train went through Panvel without stopping, and this is un-usual. The "flagman was taken by surprise, and he jumped up from a bench to show the signal!
Sometime later, at around 1130, VSP joined in. He had come with Giridhar on his (Giridhar's) bike. We decided to have a stroll around the station. WCAG1 #21973 was then preparing to haul a long BCNA rake towards Karjat. The rake was coming from Gandhidham, and was proceeding to Pandharpur. On the adjoining track, WCAG1 #21972 was also waiting. The loco had just reversed, and was now ready to take the rake towards Jasai. We had an adventure after that! (That would be reported later!!!). We finally parted ways at 1430!!!!
So..Bye for the day!