Some railfanning and a "Murder"

The day had some interesting events. It included some railfanning and a Murder! I saw the Deccan express screaming past Kurla as soon as I got down from my EMU. I had my eyes half closed (starved of sleep!) and somehow reached Platform 5 at Kurla right on time to board the 07:42 Asangaon "Semi-Fast".
As the EMU crossed the Thane Outer, I saw the Mandovi standing at Platform 7. The EMU just pulled in for a halt, and I jumped out to have a look at the loco. The beast from Krishnarajapuram was the newest to visit Mumbai - WDP4 #20030 was it! I quickly snapped a photo (the sun was directly incident on the loco and that gave a very high contrast photo!). I walked out and took a bus to college. While the bus was pulling out of the Bus Station (about 5-8 minutes after I took the photo), I heard the DP4's horn, and saw the train pulling out.
I had to perform a murder at college today. I decided to delegate the chance to a friend of mine. The victim was a Frog. We murdered him (or better - The lab attendant murdered the from), and took out his Rectus Abdominis muscle to perform our experiment. The experiment turned out well and the results were quite good. I finished up the experiment by about 1300, and left college at about 1430 after having a Chinese lunch from our college canteen. Thane station was waiting with the regular host of surprises (are surprises regular?). The first train to be spotted was the Manmad bound Godavari Exp. After a few minutes, the CSTM Bound Mahanagari Express pulled in with WCAM3 #21900 in charge. The train had 3x GS, 2x SLR, 12x SL, 1x 2A, 1x 3A totalling 19 coaches. One Sleeper was from SR. Just as the Mahanagari cleared Thane advanced starter, the Nagpur bound Sewagram pulled in! I couldn't photograph the loco.
I took a CSTM bound Fast EMU (1532 ex-TNA) and reached Kurla at about 1555 or so. On the way, I spotted the Konark Express (WCG2) and Ratnagiri Passenger (A Blue coloured WDM3A from Pune!).
At Kurla, a WCAM3 pair were waiting at the helm of a long "caboose less" BCNA rake. The rake crawled from the Wadala road side towards Kurla Goods yard. A Kalyan WDM2 moved in the opposite direction also. I boarded the 1616 Belapur Slow from Kurla, and reached home by 1700 or so! I came home and washed by hands with Dettol soap to free me from the sins of the murder ;-) Bye for the day, meet ya again tomorrow!