A short railfanning at Vikhroli!

Saturday morning, being a holiday, saw me travelling "backwards" on a Panvel-CSTM local. I reached Kurla at about 11 AM, and took a slow bound to Thane. I got down from the train at Vikhroli and waited for IRFCAn Deepesh Soni to join in. He reached Vikhroli at about 1130 or so. We had to meet a person (now thats a surprise!!!) at Vikhroli. We had a short railfanning session there.
The first train to go through (before Deepesh joined me) was a long Tanker rake hauled single-handedly by WDG3A #14983 from Kalyan. Minutes after Deepesh joined in, we saw the Patna-LTT Express "screaming" past with a WCAM3 in charge. The train had two refrigerated cars at the rear end. Minutes after the express went through, We spotted the Sahyadri express going through with a WCG2 in charge. After some time, we saw the Sewagram express going through.
We were in for a rude shock after a few minutes. The Ferozpur-Mumbai Punjab mail went through! The train was about 5-6 hours late!!! Deepesh jokingly put it that the train would be 24 hours early instead!!!
The railfanning session continued until 1300 hrs. While we were moving out (along with the third person whom we had to meet), the Netravati went through. We had some refreshments from Hotel Satkar right outside Vikhroli station (West). We (minus the third person) decided to continue our railfanning at the station. We were welcomed by Pawan Express which went through with WCAM3 #21931. Closely behind the Pawan was the 6351 Mumbai-Tirupati-Nagercoil express behind WCG2 #20151. We decided to change platforms. At this time a WDM2 (18068) from Kalyan rushed past with 4 coaches appearing to be fresh from the POH shop at Matunga. After some more time, the Kamayani Express rushed through with two WCAM3s in charge (the second one was dead though!). After the Kamayani was the Hyderabad-Mumbai Express, followed by Manmad-LTT Godavari Express. We boarded a CST bound Slow local from Vikhroli at 1303.
At Vidyavihar, the Chennai-Mumbai Express hauled by a WCG2 overtook our EMU. At the same time, the Mumbai-Hyderabad Express went through. I reached Kurla at about 1315, and boarded a Belapur bound local at 1330. Reached home by 1430! Some photos of the day are available here! So bye for the day.