Overhearing a conversation!

After lots of curtain raisers, and anxiety filled moments, the Final Year B.Pharmacy (Semester VII) examinations (Theory) of the University of Mumbai began today. Our college (Veer Mata Hiraben Popatlal Shah College of Pharmacy a.k.a VMHP Shah College of Pharmacy) was playing host for 96 students of the Thane region. Out of the 96 students appearing for the examination, a meager minority of 25 students are from my college. (Our batch strength is 25!). The first examination was filled with nothing but anxiety. Everyone at the center were anxious of the fate of the paper. The paper was quite easy unlike expected!

Railfanning: I took the 06:33 Belapur CSTM EMU in the morning. The 0628 CSTM EMU which runs ahead of my train was delayed today, and CR decided to send our train ahead. That ensured that every inch of space in the tiny First Class enclosure was taken up by passengers of both the trains combined together! The journey was normal, and I had no time even to look outside. I was deeply engrossed in text books. Just as I prepared to get down at Kurla, WDG3A #13047 from Pune overtook our train with the Dadar bound Chalukya Express in tow.
I boarded the 07:17 Ambernath Fast from Kurla. On the way to Thane, I was blankly looking out of the window. Places that I see everyday were appearing different to me today! On the way, the EMU crossed 2 WCAM3 hauled trains. While crossing one of those trains, the stench from the toilets was overpowering the blowing wind, and the stench kept lingering in the coach for quite some time! At Nahur, I spotted WCG2 20159-20129 hauling a long BCNA rake. I had spotted the same pair, hauling a BCNA rake at Thane last Thursday!

In the noon, while returning - I was welcomed to Thane by KR4 Ratnagiri Dadar Passenger. The train had a Pune WDG3A at its helm. Myself, and a friend of mine boarded the 14:02 CSTM Fast from Thane. That was an AC/DC rake. We were seated backwards, and the forward facing seat right opposite to us were occupied by three men. One of them looked like a Loco pilot, while another face amongst them was too familiar. On hearing their talk, it was quite obvious that they were railway staffers. My friend slipped into sleep, and I was overhearing their conversation. They spoke in the Local language - Marathi, which I am not very fluent in. I could understand their conversation to about 85-90%. Two of them were apparently regulars on Konkan Railway. They spoke about the Loco link of Jan Shatabdhi, and the loco sharing between Netravati and Matsyagandha! One of them, who apparently was/is a regular on Konkankanya was saying that it is a pleasure to drive on KR, and trains are rarely delayed. While CR delays most trains. I kept hearing their conversation till I reached Kurla. Two of them got down at Kurla. While at Kurla, I saw the Chennai express rushing past with an unidentified WCG2.
Just as I entered Platform 7, a belapur bound EMU pulled in, and I rushed to board the train.
The day was too tiring, and hunger was overpowering me. I was restless until I had my lunch. That was really a tiring day! Hope to have better days ahead!