Choc-a-Block on the Harbour line!

The day was normal in the morning with me resting with my heads on the walls of a DC EMU leaving Belapur at 06:33 in the morning. I wanted to make it to my college before 0800, and was determined to do it! I reached Kurla unusually early at 0705 itself. I saw the Pune Intercity flashing past the station. I was at the platform when the scene took place. I decided to give the 07:11 Karjat local a miss since the coach was already crowded. The train was late too. Just as the starter turned yellow after the Karjat local left, I saw the 07:17 Ambernath sneaking in! The EMU was the all new aerodynamic coach! Aerodynamic refers only to a minor difference in shape for the face of the EMU! MSRTC decided to cheat me in the morning! The first bus to leave the depot after I reached there was at 07:55!!! The college was still 25 mins away! I made it to college at 0820, and had a tiring day with lots of writing work! I just got a nasty cold, and spent the entire day sneezing!
In the evening as I walked on the FOB at Thane station, I saw a WCAM3 (or WCAG1) waiting for a signal at Thane Distant Outer. The EMU services appeared to be normal. The 1637 CSTM 12-Car Fast pulled in on time. I feared a loco failure there! The EMU stops only at Mulund and Vikhroli between Thane and Kurla. On the way, I spotted a WCAM3 hauled train (Probably the Lucknow/Lashkar), the Pragati with a WCAM3, and the Nandigram with a rust coloured Diesel loco. As my EMU approached Kurla, I saw a Panvel EMU waiting right before the Kurla LC. At the station a Vashi EMU too was waiting. The time was about 1700, and I was expecting my 1703 Belapur to pull in.
The train that actually pulled in was the 1649 Belapur Slow! The train was about 30 mins late, and was closely following two other trains. This ensured that the train stops at outer signals of each station!!! The train finally pulled into Belapur at 1748, about 15 minutes after its scheduled return departure!
This was for the first time I experienced a line block on Harbour line! So that is it for the day. Tomorrow is sunday and there will be no travelling. I plan to upload a few tidbits from my recent Kerala trip. So please ensure that you are here tomorrow in the evening! Bye and good nite!