Back to college

Today, i returned to college after a long break of about 13 long days. I woke up, unusually, at 0400 AM. After getting fresh, i sat down watching songs of latest flicks in Malayalam. I got up dressed and left my home at 0600. Went to the restaurant at the railway station (which opens at 0500) for breakfast and the morning chai. The breakfast was dissapointing, but the chai was good. I took my regular train, settled on one window seat sipping chai. The train was unusually empty and had only seated passengers. The train pulled into Kurla right at 0707, and I boarded the 0711 Karjat fast (I had to reach college urgently for some work). I reached college at about 0800.
We had our Pharmaceutical Chemistry practical examination today. The exam was being conducted by our college. We had two questions (of 35 and 22 marks respectively). The procedure for synthesis of a chemical compound would be given, and we have to prepare, analyse it and submit. Analysis means determination of its Melting point only. The first procedure turned out to be wrong. The teacher had to change is totally midway, and that resulted in One-and-a-half hour of extra work. But inspite of this, we managed to finish the experment much before the stipulated time! I ended up with a injured hand after a small glass cappilary pierced my index finger of the right hand!
I had my lunch at 1600. I was totally tired and drained out. I literally dragged myself to the bus-stop, then to the station and thence to the train. I and My friend boarded the 16:50 Thane-Dadar Fast. On the way (and at the station), I spotted the following: Habibganj Express with a WCAM3, Pragati with a WCG2, Nandigram with a blue coloured WDM3A, one light WCG2, and a light WCAM3. At Kurla, I saw a MU-ed pair of WCAM3 coupled to a BCNA rake. I took the 17:17 Panvel slow from Kurla, and finally reached home before 1800 pm!
Will write more on my Kerala trip soon. The travelogue is ready and will be uploaded in a day or two. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the photos of the return journey. The images of the down journey is stuck up at my brother's PC, and efforts are being made to retrive them! Here is the link for the gallery: Click here for the Images.
So bye for the day!