21972's day out!

After having a date with WCAM3s, it was my date with a particular loco - WCAG1 #21972 of Kalyan Electric Loco Shed. Before going into the details of the "date" -
I got up much after the rooster in my Mobile shouted. It was already 0530. My head was drooping even while I was in the toilet. After a hurried bath, I reached at the Table for my breakfast. It was already 0625, and chances of getting the 0633 Local was negligible. I decided to fill up my tummy, and then drove like a fanatic to the railway station. I rushed up the stairs - The railway clock showed 06:40:15, the next train was at 06:42. The train came in at around 06:43 or so. I sat down, and my head was still drooping. I had lots of material to study for the day's examination in "Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics". I felt my stomach churning as I studied pathways of drug transport in the body. The book said "Blah...Blah...Blah...". I kep my eyes glued to the window as the train approached Kurla.
I got down at Kurla, and was shocked to see the Kasara EMU already pulling in...SO that meant that the Mandovi was late - As usual! I boarded the EMU. The motorman was another fanatic, and he notched up quickly. We were rushing at 80kmph by the time the train neared Vidyavihar! The train slowed down sharply as she approached Ghatkopar. I was overjoyed when I saw a WCAG1 approaching on the other line with a LPG Tanker rake. The loco was WCAG1 #21972.
I stood near the door with an intention of capturing the Deccan Odyssey on Camera. Whoosh! The Vidarbha express went past giving off a "sharp" blast of air on my face. I just noticed some thing inside the EMU. I looked at it....Whoosh! Roar! That was the Deccan Odyssey! I just could notice a multi-coloured loco. (The loco was confirmed to be an Erode Loco by fellow IRFCAn Ranjeet Ramaswamy, just minutes back!). Filled with anger to my self, I took a seat and decided to decipher something from the coded language (or rather alien language) of my text book.
The train by now reached/crossed Mulund, and I decided to head back to the door. The EMU pulled into Platform 5 of Thane in no time. I jumped out of the EMU, and rushed up the Foot Overbridge. Red Monsters of Maharastra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC a.k.a. ST) were waiting to ferry me to my college. The conductor punched out a Rs. 8 ticket, as the driver sped his 10-year old darling through crowded streets of Thane.
I reached College at around 0815, where I did most of the studying part! I almost finished all major topics by 1015, and rushed to the examination hall for the exam at 1030. The paper appeared to be coded in latin first, but later I understood that it was english! I had a mad dash to complete the paper (Arrgh! The hand still pains!). After the paper, our Principal Ma'am called us in for an opinion survey (It was her subject!). We all gave a ear-to-ear smile showing all the 32 teeth in our mouth!
After the Dental Advertisement, I dashed out to take a bus towards the station. The time was already 1315. Another Red monster took me to Thane. A Slow EMU scheduled for 1411 was expected on PF#4, while a Fast EMU was scheduled for 1416 on PF#6. I decided to take the fast one instead. The EMU actually came in at around 1425 or so. The motorman was another fanatic! The ride was superb. A boy (in 20s, with long shampooed hair) was standing at the door. Just then, the Mangalore bound Matsyagandha rushed through. I saw his hair rise, and he was almost struck off from the door! I kept standing near the doorway. The EMU pulled into Kurla by 1440. I narrowly missed a Belapur EMU. The next one on the platform was at 1456!!!
Just around this time, WCAG1 #21972 crossed me for the second time in the day with a long BCNA rake sans a caboose! That was my second date with this loco!
Some minutes later, twin Kalyan WDM2s rushed towards Wadala with another BCNA rake. I took the 1506 Belapur EMU. The ride upto Belapur Outer signal was normal. Our train was detained for about 7-9 minutes at the signal. During that period, two Mumbai bound EMUs crossed us! A Panvel bound EMU was standing hardly 50 metres behind our rake! That was a scene that I loved! I reached home by around 1545 or so! So that was a very long day today! Thanks for the read!
By-the-Way: This is the 100th post at this Blog! Thank you friends for your whole-hearted support! I hope to have them all round the year!