A WDP4 after many days!

I had my first sight of a WDP4 after many days at Kurla today! While waiting at Kurla for my EMU, I saw a WDP4 fast approaching. That was #20021, hauling the 0112 Madgaon-Mumbai Konkan Kanya Express - The train was obviously late. I was too excited on seeing the loco, and couldn't control my feelings! On my way from CLA to GC, I spotted the Sharavati Express at GC with WDM3A #18773 from Pune. There were no other interesting observations in the Morning.
In the afternoon, I returned by Road - since my Mom had come down to Thane with some work and we both returned by road.
I had been to Panvel in the evening to pick up my sister-in-law who was coming from Kannur (Kerala) by Netravati Express. I reached the station at about 1730, and the train was scheduled to reach by 1645. I had expected the train to be late - & the train was late by 1 hour and 45 minutes! The outgoing Ratnagiri passenger was also delayed by an hour! At about 1810, the Passenger pulled in with WDM3A #18773 from Pune in charge. The passenger was held up at Panvel until the Diva bound 1696 passenger pulled in. The loco working the passenger was WDM2 #18068 from Kalyan. The Netravati finally pulled in at about 1900 with WDM3A #18338 from Erode in charge!
That brought the day to an end! Meet ya tomorrow!