Southern Sparkle: Update 3

Today was the worst day in the entire journey. After finishing off all formalities of death of my Maternal Grandmother, my brother left for Bangalore yesterday in the night. He had laft his car back in our native place so that we could use it for our intra-state travels.
We (Myself, Dad and Mom) left our maternal home at 1015 am for the 100-odd km journey to my Dad's home in Trichur District. After driving about 60 kms, while I was coasting at about 70kmph, a cyclist decided to take a sharp right cut! Boom-Bang....The cyclist landed on my car's windshield with his cycle under the front left tyre. The tyre burst off and the windshielf curved in. He lay with his head bang in the middle of the road. I was totally devastated and started shivering in fear of public wrath. Presence of my parents helped me out.
Police arrived at the scene and took the vehicle into custody, sending the injured person to the hospital. The vehicle is now resting at Aroor Police Station in Alappuzha district of Kerala. This caused an unexpected 30000+ Rs expense and an overnight stay at my aunt's house in Ernakulam.
I have to present myself at the Police station tomorrow with people to bail me! The vehicle has to be inspected by the Assistant Motor Inspector and certified that the brake was working! The injured was probably intoxicated. The vehicle would be released tomorrow, and will have to be driven to the nearby Toyota Dealership! So that ends my safari on the Innova for atleast a month...I am returning next week :-(
So bye for the day. Regular updates would come on! now LIVE from Ernakulam.