Just another day!

Today was Just another day! I boarde my usual train from Belapur and from Kurla. I saw the Chalukya sprinting past Kurla with WDG3A #13039 from Pune in charge. I spotted WDM3A #14046 from Erode sleeping off at Kurla. The loco would return, probably, with the Jan Shatabdhi either on tomorrow or on the day-after (I will confirm it soon!). I was seated inside the train for th entire distance - I was actually solving a question that was given as a home assignment to us. On reaching Thane, i heard an announcement that the Mandovi was 10-15 minutes late. I took a bus to college shortly after.
In the evening, I took the 1637 CSTM Fast. As I entered thane, I heard an announcement about this train, and I was walking on the FOB when I spotted a loco on the Vashi line. The loco was WDG3A #14718 from Abu Road (seen in the image above). I was surprised at the loco! I rushed back to platform 6 and boarded the EMU. A long BCNA rake hauled by WCAG1 #21970 rushed past the station at about the same time. Now I spotted a WDS4 (#19661) attached at the rear end of the rake hauled by the WDG3A. The rake had two flat cars loaded with sacks of sand (probably for weight testing of the new track that was laid through Platform 9 a few days back!). The EMU pulled out sharp at 1637. On the way, I spotted the Pragati Express with a WCAM3!!! At Kurla, I saw the Nandigram smoking away with a Diesel Loco. I also saw the Deccan odyssey rushing through Kurla with a Green colour Pune WDM2 in charge!!! I reached home at about 1740.
Got an exam tomorrow...So thats it for the day!!!


Manoj Krishnan said…
hi binai,
i have seen sk express led by wdp3a from goc. but now it seems they have reverted to ers wdm2. any news about this link.