WDP4.....What else???

The day was just usual in the morning. The EMU that i took (06:33 ex-Belapur) was running abnormally slow after Mankhurd. She ensure that I missed my connection train (07:17 Ambernath) at Kurla! I saw the EMU picking speed as I hurried down the FOB to Platform 5!
While waiting for the 07:24 Kasara EMU, I saw the Chalukya Express rushing past. The loco was WDG3A #13048 from Pune. Just as the Chalukya cleared the advanced starter, a WDP4 horn was heard. That was the Madgaon bound Mandovi Express!!! The Loco rushed through the platform kicking up a sand-storm instantly! The "monster" was 20016. The Ferozpur-Mumbai Punjab mail went past shortly after this. The loco was WCAM3 #21886. I boarded the 07:24 Kasara ("N") EMU. The ride on teh EMU was filled with moments of Anxiety! Guess what, the EMU covered the distance is just 14 minutes!!! On the way, the Vidarbha Express (WCAM3 #21881) croseed out EMU.
The Mandovi was waiting on Platform 7:

She was in dire need of a Wash and some patch coats of paint!!! I rushed to college in a State transport bus. The bus had a lady conductor who pleaded to each passenger to tender exact change. It was her first trip of the duty it seems!
I returned in the evening by 16:37 Fast from Thane. On the way, I crossed a WCAM3 hauled train & Pragati express. I spotted the Nandigram with a Pune WDM2 at Kurla. I took the 17:03 Belapur EMU from Kurla.
Winding up for the day! I am too tired. My joints are aching, the nsotrils are blocked and have a minor irritation in my neck (throat!). Hopefully this doesn't worsen into a full fledged illness! Bye for the day. Tomorrow is a holiday. A post would be made if and only if there are any thing interesting worth a post!