A tired and surprising day!

I boarded the 06:33 Slow local from Belapur as usual. I hadn't slept the previous night. I woke up at about 2 AM. I was suffering from breathing congestion and had a very bad day. I spent most of the day on my bed. I settled at one window seat of the train with a very heavy head and a very heavy eye-lid. The train put up a very great show, crossing each station atleast 2 minutes before time! The train slowed down after Mankhurd and kept crawling until Tilak Nagar. Reached Kurla sharp at 07:06. I went to Platform 5, and was literally gasping for breath. I saw the 07:11 Karjat fast rolling past but was in no mood to board the train. Just after the Karjat train pushed out, I saw an Erode Loco smoking up ferociously and running towards Platform 6. The camera couldn't catch the train in focus. I was surprised by the loco! Which train was that?
From the speeding train, all I could read was the KR SWR markings! That was the Konkan Kanya Express!!! Some time later, My train (07:17 Ambernath) came in. I stay put at the door itself. At Vidyavihar, I saw that the points were set for the LTT. I was sure that some LTT bound train would be standing nearby. The train was 2102 HWH-LTT Jnaneshwari. On the way between Ghatkopar and Thane, I spotted Dadar-Chennai Express, Bhubaneshwar-CSTM Konark Express and some other WCAM3 hauled train. Right outside Thane, I spotted the Nagpur-CSTM Vidarbha Express. Just as My train came to a halt at Thane, the Sharavati express rushed past. The loco was WDG3A #13052 from Pune.
I was too tired to continue at college. I had lost all my energy, and i decided to return home at 1300. Some minutes after I reached Thane, I saw WDM3A #17871R from Pune pulling into the station with KR4 Ratnagiri-Dadar passenger in tow. Some minutes later, a twin WCG2 hauled Tanker rake rushed past the station. I kept wandering around the edge of Platform 6. I saw a WDM2 from erode rushing towards Platform 5. The starter was green.

The loco was WDM2 #18236, the same loco which worked the 0112 Konkan Kanya in the morning. Some 15 minutes later, WCG2 #20131 pulled into Platform 6. The load was 1014 Coimbatore - LTT Express. This train is now 21 coaches long. One extra 2A has been added. The LTT Express was kept waiting to let the 2619 Matsyagandha come in. The loco was WDM3A #14046 from Erode. Just around this time, WDM2 #18218 from Kalyan rushed past the station with a "Track Recording Van" in tow. The loco was an Original ALCO. Some time later, my train (14:47 CSTM Fast) pulled in. On my way, I spotted the CSTM-MAS Express, and the Pune bound Sinhagad Express. I was too tired by the time I reached Kurla, I was damn exhausted and I had no energy but to relax inside the coach of a Belapur bound EMU. Interestingly, a TTE boarded from Tilaknagar. He inspected the tickets of all passengers and then got down at Chembur.
A good day thus came to an end! Thank you. I hope to have something interesting enough to post tomorrow!