Teacher's Day....

Today, India celebrated its own Teacher's Day. This day marks the birth anniversary of a very great teacher, and a former president of India - Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. We celebrated this event at our college with much enthusiasm. Since we are in our final year, we had to take the lead. Praising our teachers weren't very easy!!!!
Due to the function, My day started off quite early. I woke up at 0445. I boarded the 05:58 Slow local from Belapur. The train was much more crowded than my usual 06:33 local! I just managed to reach Kurla on time. I had a run up and down the FOB. Just as I was balancing and riding my brakes, I saw the 06:38 Badlapur Fast pulling into the platform. I barely managed to enter the train. It was raining dogs-and-cats outside.. I saw my fellow passengers indifferently keeping their umbrellas open! The doors and windows of the train couldn't simply stop the water!
I made it to the college by 07:30. The function was a grand success. While at thane, I saw the Madgaon-Dadar Ganpati Special, and the "Gudur-Secundrabad-Mumbai Simhapuri-Devgiri Express". The SC rake of Devgiri was stinking - Poor cleaning! You might just keep wondering about the name of the train that I have put up: The train is actually "Secundrabad - Mumbai Devgiri Express", but she shares her rake with the "Gudur-Secundrabad Simhapuri Express". The front SLR had the name "Simhapuri" while the rear one had the name "Devgiri"!!! Pick the one of your choice :-)
During my return, I did see a lot of trains, but was too tired to note any!!!!