Something to post....

Today was a holiday for me! I spent my time completing a few assignments and listening to songs on my computer. I was thinking for a topic to post about since morning! I guess, the following would be a better post:::
The following are my railfan interests:
1. Favorite Loco: WDM3A (all ALCO Locos)
2. Favorite route: Konkan railway (Roha to Thokur)
3. Route most travelled: Panvel - Trichur and Mumbai - Coimbatore

Some other tid-bids from railfanning:

A photography scene that I miss everytime: A loco crossing my train at good speed. I am bad at photographing trains when both are in motion! I mis-calculate the "Shutter lag" of my camera, and I end up in photographing the Front SLR of the train!!!
I love to photograph thick smoke left by ALCOs!
I love the characteristic ALCO throbbing sound. I have never travelled on a train hauled by a GM (WDP4) loco! I guess i wouldn't change my mind after travelling on a WDP4 hauled train!!
I am a diesel fan! I love seeing Diesel locos, especially smoking under the wires!
One such "Smoking under the wires" is seen below::

I took this photo while travelling on board the 1081 CSTM-CAPE Express. The location, is the sharp curve after Renigunta.

The loco which eludes me the most: Ratlam WDM3A! Whenever I try photographing this loco, the train comes in with a different link!

Each time my camera gets ready to photograph the Mandovi, the train comes in with a WDM2 instead of its regular WDP4!

I have travelled ONCE on a WAP4 hauled loco! I was impressed by the pick up, but severly missed the sound and smoke of an ALCO!

Hopefully, this post doesn't bore you! I would [hopefully] have something interesting to update tomorrow! BTW, the banner for the october journey to Bangalore is ready! The journey has been titled as "Southern Sparkle". More details on the way!