Railfanning at Panvel

I haven't attended college for the past 2 days. I was getting bored by noon. There was nothing "watchable" on TV. There wasn't anything that I could do. By noon, i decided to make a short trip to Panvel. I called up my mom and informed her of my plans. I was ready to go. I packed my bag with camera, spare batteries, water and emergency medicines. I drove fast to the station and took the 12:23 slow towards Panvel. As I entered Panvel, the PA system announced the arrival of KR4 passenger. The queue at the ticket counter was long and I couldn't afford standing there for a Platform Ticket. I had a Panvel "Return" ticket and I was technically permitted to enter the platform. I took a snap of the loco, WDG3A #13150 from Pune, hauling the KR4 Ratnagiri - Dadar Passenger. After the snap, I went to the ticket counter to get my Platform ticket.
By the time I returned after getting the Platform ticket, the Passenger was ready to go. I went about having a quick look at the platforms. Platform 3 was occupied by a Long BCNA rake hauled by Twin WDM2s from Kalyan. Netravati Express (bound to Trivandrum) was scheduled to arrive on Platform 2. I walked towards Platform 2. A WDM2 (from Kalyan) coupled to a WDG3A was waiting on the main line. Sometime later, WDM2 #17674 from Erode pulled in with the 22-coach Netravati Express. I was surprised to see a plain WDM2 being assigned to haul a 22-coach load.
I returned to the Main platform (platform 1). By now, Netravati Express was ready to leave. I saw a WAG7 (#27691 from Jhansi) coming in. The loco stopped at the signal, and the loco pilots got down. Panvel is now a change over point for Pilots working trains from JNPT. The PA system came alive once more, and an announcement was made that the Delhi bound Mangala Express would arrive on Platform 2. I rushed to Platform 2. Just before Mangala came in, WAG7 #27770 from Ajni pulled into Panvel from the Diva side with a long Tanker rake.
By now, an Ernakulam loco was visible at a distance. Passengers waiting on the platform became active and so were the vendors. The loco - WDM2 #16457 - pulled in with the 18-coach rake and unloaded a huge number of passengers. The rake had a brand new (06-built) 3AC coach. The remaining coaches were mostly of 9X make. I was too tired and drained out to continue further. Took an EMU back to Belapur!
My body still hasn't completely recovered from the state of disease. Thanks for the read...hope to resume college from tomorrow!
Oops! Forgot this - The photographs of this trip can be seen by clicking here!