Onam 2006

We celebrated Onam today since yesterday was a very busy day! I had an off at college today (thanks to Anant Chaturdashi, the 10-day of the Ganpati Festival - On this day the idols of Ganpati are immersed in water-bodies marking the end of festivities), and our family decided to celebrate today! My dad had a working day and this sub-dued the festival! My mom made a stumptous sadhya, or traditional feast. Onam Festival is also approaching its end.

Along with Onam, I had another reason to be happy!!! The final approvals for another trip to the south has been granted by my parents! The rough itenery is: Departing Mumbai on 21 October by Chalukya Express reaching Bangalore on the 22nd. We would proceed to Kerala about 2-3 days after reaching Bangalore. We would attend a family function on October 29. Finally, we would return by Udyan Express on November 2.

So thats a rough sketch...hope to give it a very good shape. The tickets are ready and so is my camera!!!