Last post of the Month!

So this marks the last post of this month. This post is interestingly the 48th post in the blog, and the 27th post of this month! Thanks for all the support you have been giving me!
Today was yet another normal day with the normal share of trains rushing past me! I saw nothing unusual during the course of the day! In the morning, I saw the Mandovi with WDP4 #20021 from Krishnarajapuram (KJM). In the evening, I saw the KR3 Ratnagiri Passenger with WDM3A #18951R from Pune doing the honours!
The day was just normal with no post-worthy incidences! Most EMUs were decorated and looked good. The Carsheds, i guess, were celebrating Dussehra with full vigour! The EMUs were decorated, cleaned and many even freshly painted!
One interesting thing: Thane station was getting a new coat of Paint today! The Signals (especially on Platform 9 & 10) were being painted, the tracks were cleared of outgrowths and weeds. The platforms were cleaned and painted!!! A white "outline" was painted at the edges of the platforms! In the morning, I thought this to be a normal excercise. But, Painting of the signal at Platform 9 (which is NOT in use) aroused my interest! Later on in the evening, I read in a local newspaper that our Honorable Railway Minister Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav would be visiting Mumbai on October 5 to flag of the second rake on the Thane-Vashi suburban section!!! So that is the reason for painting at Thane! Interestingly, the signals at Sanpada and Vashi too were painted a few weeks back!
So, winding up for the day! I just got a nasty pain on my left shoulder - so let me try some medication for it! There would be a post tomorrow - filled with surprises (most probably) or just normal junk!