Back to blogging!

During the past two weeks, I did not have an access to internet. And finally when I had it, i was too busy to blog! The journey to kerala was marvellous. The rain gods made their presence felt by sending down a few showers (occasionally heavy!). The locos that hauled my trains, surely kept up my wish by smoking very well!

My first journey on a WAP4 hauled train too was in style! The pickup of the WAP4 surprised me! After all the "bloody" monster was hauling a 17-coach load!

I resumed attending college from Tuesday. Days flew past just like those AC/DC EMUs. Yesterday - Saturday - was another interesting day. For the first time in two months, my train from Belapur reached Kurla on time - at 0706. There were no interesting observations en-route though!

For visitors longing to read my travelogue of the recent trip to here.

Bye for now!


Anonymous said…
Hello Binai

Once again a great trip report

keep up the good work

i wish u wrote more often


J ghanekar