Another interesting day...

Yesterday, I had the worst shock in my day - A WDP4 with a 13-coach train! (THe WDP4 was dead though!). Today, I had some more interesting sights...
I reached Kurla at 07:06, just as yesterday. I walked down the FOB to reach Platform 5. I heard a very long and continuous horn. The sound was similar to a WCAM3. The loco was 21939. She was rushing away with the Pune bound Intercity. The scene was beautiful. The train cleared the platform in less than a minute! The train had two AC Chair Car Coaches, two SLRs and 9 Second Chair cars. I loved the scene, and simply missed my camera!
The 07:11 Karjat Local was just behind the intercity. As usual, I left the local. Some time later, I heard a horn similar to a WDP4. I was awe-struck for the next few seconds. The horn came closer. The loco pilot, it seems, loved the tone. He kept blowing it repeatedly. I saw the loco, and I almost fainted - The loco was WDG3A #13150 from Pune working the Sharavati Express (Mysore-Dadar). The rake (13-coaches) was peanuts for the loco. I loved the way the "flag-man" stood at the platform.
I took the 07:17 Ambernath fast. The journey from Kurla to Thane was normal. I spotted the Ferozpur-Mumbai Punjab mail near Thane. The announcement regarding the arrival of 0103 was announced. The train now regularly has an extra Sleeper coach. I went to college by bus.
While returning in the evening, I saw the Kanyakumari Express rushing past (That's usual!). At Mulund, our train was held up for a few minutes. The reason: A Container rake was coming out of Nahur Yard. The cross-over point in just near the starter of Mulund Up line. The loco was WDG3A #14697 from Bhagat-ki-Kothi!!! BGKT locos are regular in Mumbai. This particular loco seemed to be freshly turned out of Parel Workshop. The smell of paint was fresh! I had seen the loco in the loco at Kurla in the morning!
On reaching Kurla, I noticed that the Vashi local had just left. My local is usually just behind the Vashi one. I had a run for the train. I was panting like a dog while i stood on the platform. Just around this time, a MU-ed pair of WCAM3s hauling a very long BCNA rake. My local pulled into the platform line just as the WCAM3s were pulling in. I was surprised to find that a forward facing Window seat was empty. The coach was 72710. I slept until Seawoods. The journey ended at 17:28. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!

Meet ya tomorrow!