Another day ... Tuesday!

Today was Tuesday....A lucky day for me! The day begun and ended as usual except for a few interesting observation. I'd like to give the observations in a bulleted list instead of the usual paragraph today!
  • I spotted the Chalukya Express today! (That's just usual) The loco doing the honours today was WDM3A #18925 from Pune. The loco was very beautiful in her "Blue" uniform!!!
  • I spotted the Latur-Mumbai express rushing right behind the Chalukya. The loco doing the honours was WCAM3 #21933.
The day remained normal in the morning, except for an un-expected annoucement in the evening "Wednesday would be a compensatory holiday for Final year students!" (Compensatory since Sunday was and is a working day!!!). With a very light heart, i rushed out of the college. Rushed to the station. I was finding it hard to wade through the sea of humans on the Foot-Over-Bridge to make it to Platform #4. The 16:23 local was already entering the platform. I had a mad dash to the rear First class coach. I spotted the Mahanagari Express (bound to Mumbai CST) on Platform 6. I expected, our train to be left first. It turned out otherwise. The starter for both the trains were given almost simultaneously. Both these trains have to travel on the same line!!! I was a bit worried since CR has a habit of sending Fast locals on the slow line. If such a thing happens, then the EMU would end-up in stopping at outer signals at most stations and then crawling through the platform! Luckily for me, the EMU changes tracks at Mulund Outer, and entered Mulund through the fast track itself. An EMU had mowed someone down, and people had gathered around the body. There was a huge commotion, and one EMU was half way into the station.
Interestingly, our EMU crossed 4 EMUs between Mulund and Nahur. The EMUs were standing back-to-back. The leading EMU was detained for some unknown reason at Mulund, and that caused a traffic pile up! I narrowly made it to Kurla on-time to board my local. THe coach turned out to be one of my favorite coaches : #72512 based at Sanpada! A few coaches of the 5XX series, and almost all coaches of the 7X7XX series have Crompton Greaves' Voyager fans. These fans are more powerful and make very little noise! These coaches have better suspension, and the ride quality is much better!
Time to wind up the report!!! Meet ya tomorrow!