6 hours of verbal bombardment and a diesel surprise!!!

Too big a title? We had a seminar at college today. The topic was "Global opportunities for Pharmaceutical Industries". The topic was off-beat and the speakers concentrated mostly on Drug Patents, Quality control audits and so on! The speakers had about 6 hours to speak and they made it! The presentation of two of the speakers (there were 4 in all) were just okay.
The day was un-usual. I missed by usual 06:33 local, and finally took the 06:41 local. I reached Kurla at 07:16. I missed my 07:17 Ambernath fast narrowly. While I was at the platform, the Devgiri Express rushed past the station. (The loco awed me!) That was Pune WDM3A #18724 doing the honours! I first mistook it for the Chalukya, but the complex boards gave off! Just behind the Devgiri was the Chalukya Express - The loco was WDG3A #13051. Just minutes after Chalukya, the Madgaon bound Mandovi express rushed past Kurla. The loco doing the honours was WDP4 #20022 from Krishnarajapuram. The loco approached with the horns blarring continuously. The scene was marvellous!
I boarded the 07:24 Kasara Fast local. The AC/DC EMU working this particular train did the maximum she could! We crossed the Matsyagandha at Ghatkopar. The loco was WDM3A #14140 from Erode. The EMU rushed past Vikhroli at 81.72 kmph (44.05 secs to cover a km). She picked up more speed and crossed Kanjurmarg at a speed of 88.99 (40.45 secs), and Bhandup station was crossed at a speed of 89.10 kmph (40.40 secs). We pulled into Thane sharp at 07:41 (Early by about 5 minutes!!!). Just as the train was pulling in, i could see the Mandovi still crawling before stopping. I got down from the EMU and admired the loco (20022 WDP4) before taking a bus to college!
The Seminar part: Less said the better! The college provided lunch for all students for the day :-) The seminar got over by about 17:00. I rushed out to take a bus to Thane. It was raining heavily. I reached Thane at about 17:30. I boarded an EMU at about 17:37. The EMU's approach was beautiful:

The rain showed no signs of subsiding. The thunders were getting stronger as the train neared Kurla. I got down at Kurla, and took the 17:59 Panvel slow! (That is un-usual; I never travel on a Panvel local!). It was really raining heavily. Water entered the coach through all possible gaps! The small gap that remains when doors are closed too weren't spared. I finally reached Belapur at about 18:40. It was still raining heavily. The top speed of the wiper was just insufficient to let me see the road! The rain has just subsided. The day has just ended...and so is this post!
Meet ya tomorrow! (Yep! Sunday is a working day).