Desperation, Anxiety and what not!

These are a few things that one sees while standing in Queue for a reservation ticket! A few months back, when the first pre-paid online banking card - ITZ Cash was introduced, there was an advertisement in which a person packs a huge trunk box and says bye to this parents in a very emotional state as if he was going to a war-torn country. At the end of the scene he says "Aaj kuchh bhi ho jaye, main ticket kattake aavoonga" (Whatsoever happens today, I will reserve a ticket!). The advertisement was aimed at the huge queues seen at Railway reservation counters esp. during vacations. They were promoting online reservations. I had to go to the counter to reserve tickets due to a rather un-common reason!
Due to some serious confusion, an otherwise confirmed ticket HAD to be cancelled. We (I, and my parents) were to travel to Kerala by 6345 Netravati Express leaving Mumbai on 20th (tomorrow). The ticket was cancelled due to a confusion!!! Now, I had to re-book tickets! Tickets weren't available for our original train and had to opt to the ex-King of the sector the "Mumbai CST - Kanyakumari Jayanti Janata Express". This trains takes 12 hours more, but that doesn't matter. Only RAC tickets were available. The ICRTC server wasn't co-operating in booking an e-Ticket! I decided to book the ticket at the counter itself!
Due to this rather rare reason, I had to get up at 06:30 in the morning (I usually get up at 05:00)!!! I rushed to the reservation office by 07:30 and reached there sharp at 08:00 (Had been to the ATM to withdraw cash!). There were about 10 people ahead of me! There was confusion, desperation and anxiety of the faces of each of those 10 people ahead of me. There were about 15 more waiting near the other window (Belapur has 2 windows for reservation). The clock kept ticking (Right! Time and tide waits for none!). After a long 25 minutes of anxiety (If it took longer, then I would surely reached a state to have a dose of an Anxiolytic drug!), I finally reached the window. A cool breeze directly from the AC of the office was hitting right on my face. The person at the counter was not very sure about the Destination Code that i had written. He checked and found it right! The status of the ticket was RAC 4,5,6! No matter! Minutes of anxiety now gave way for joy!
More to come later!!!!