Platform kramaank 6 chya kinare paasun dhoor ubhe raha...

Wondering what the title is all about?

This is a very common announcement heard at Platform 5 & 6 of Thane station (just like many stations in Mumbai which have a platform on the Main "Fast" line. The entire announcement goes like: "Platform kramaank Saha (or Paanch) chya Kinare paasun dhoor ubhe raha...Ek Jalad gadi jaanaar aahe..koni yaatri patri olaandu naka"..."Platform kramank Chhe (or Paanch) ke kinare se dhoor rahiye...Ek tez gaadi jaanevalee hai...Koi yaatri patri paar na kare". The translation is: "Passengers on Platform 6 (or five) are requested to stay away from the edge. A fast train would be passing shortly. Passengers are not to cross the tracks".
I happened to hear this once again today in the morning! I usually spot "Vidarbha Express" at Thane (on a daily basis). Today, it seemed that all trains from the Igatpuri side were late today! I usually spot Punjab Mail at Kurla, Chalukya at Ghatkopar, some other train between Ghatkopar and Mulund, Vidarbha at Thane and finally Mandovi also at Thane! Today, I saw Punjab Mail at Thane. At around 07:45, the PA system at Platform 6 blarred out the ever-familiar warning to passengers!
Punjab Mail came in.....Stopped at the platform! The starter was at "On" i.e., at "Danger" or "Red" Aspect! The "fast" train stopped at the platform instead of "passing"! Now, Mandovi pulled into Platform 7 of Thane. The loco was a.............WDP4 (once Again) from Krishnarajapuram (#20020)! I was already late. Simply rushed to college after that!

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