'Flying' on an EMU

Central Railway's Mumbai Division introduced the "advanced" AC/DC EMU trainsets in 2005. These EMUs are capable to running on AC as well as DC traction, while the normal EMUs used by CR can run on DC traction only. CR, recently made a few changes in these EMUs and they are now capable of running at 100kmph while the normal DC EMUs can do only upto 80kmph!

Last Monday (i.e., July 03, 2006) I had my second ride on an AC/DC EMU. My first ride was on 23 June 2006 and the coach was 360B. The second ride also was on the same coach but 10 days later. During my first journey, the trainset was working a "slow" service to Asangaon (about 86 kilometres North-East of Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus). Since the train had to stop at all stations, the ride was more or less like a normal DC train except for the "F1" like sound of the AC/DC Rake. For my second journey, the same rake was working a "Fast" service to Asangaon! This time again I boarded coach #360B. This time, the service being "Fast" the train took out its entire might and it maintained its Maximum Permissible Speed (MPS) at most sections. It was fun watching many stations "flying" past!!! Our train overtook other DC EMUs is style!

Yesterday (i.e., July 11, 2006) I again had the fortune to board another AC/DC rake! This time the coach and the direction was different, but the train had originated from Asangaon! The ride again was superb and the smooth! There isn't much of "violence" inside the coach even when the train does 100kmph!

Looking forward for more AC/DC Experiences!!!!