A smokin diesel!

A smoking diesel loco is a scene that i always love to see in my life! Diesel locos of the Indian railways, especially from the sheds like Pune, Kalyan, etc are a delicious sight to any railfan. These locos are capable to pushing out thick black smoke which is thick enough the camouflage the nearby coaches!

This image was taken by me in November last year. The smoker in this image is a WDM3A loco from Pune Diesel Loco Shed. The smoke from this loco has made the first coach of the train almost invisible!

This is the first post of this blog! I will be using this blog to post tidbits from my short railfanning trips in and around mumbai! Though the title relates this blog to diesel locos, i will be posting about electric locos as well.


Anonymous said…

almost looks like the loco is on fire

over all good write ups

keep up the good work