Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Year that was....

The Year 2006 is almost over...It is just a matter of 6 hours and 52 minutes, when this year ends and a newer year - 2007, takes over.
2006 was an action filled year, and had many incidences. This was an year of many firsts! Let me post a few "post-worthy" incidences of this year::
  • This year had me entering a "full-fledged" railfanning arena. I attended the first ever railfan meet this year.
  • I gathered enough courage to take photography far away from the Platforms. Earlier, I used to rake photos standing on the Platform only. But since June this year, I started standing down on the track to take photographs! (Safety is always the first priority!).
  • I made my first ever journey on AC First, and my first every journey in a Passenger train in Far off Kerala.
  • I dashed my car for the very first time costing a dearly 70,000 bill!
  • I lost my Maternal Grandmother. She died a natural death, and she was 85. Let her soul rest in peace.
  • I started blogging!
  • I watched a Bollywood movie at the Theatre after 2 long years! My last movie was Munnabhai MBBS, and I watched that in 2004. The movie that I saw this year was Lage Raho Munnabhai!
So that was surely an action filled year. I am winding up for now with an anticipation to meet you in the new year with more action and fun filled posts! Thank you for this encouraging response...
Wish you a very happy new year!

Last railfanning of the Year!

December 30, 2007 saw my last railfanning of the year! The railfanning was NOT a separate session but coupled, as usual, with my journey to my college...
I took my usual train from Belapur to Kurla, the 06:58 Belapur - Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus "Slow" EMU via the Harbour Line. The only difference to the day was that, Instead of me driving down to the station, My brother dropped me at the station! I was all determined to capture the Pune bound Deccan Express today! On each day I try to get an Image, but I fail miserably and get a blurred image. Today I decided to try something different - Zoom the camera and capture the Loco face-to-face. The result is above!
I boarded the 07:41 EMU from thereon to Kurla. I was happy to see the Mandovi waiting at the station. I considered me lucky enough to see her for the last time in this year! For the past ONE week, this lady had been running "regularly" late! The loco in charge to day was WDP4 #20026 working Short hood forward. I had to rush out of the station to avoid being late to college.
In the evening, due to unforeseen circumstances, I could leave college only at 1630. By the time I reached Thane, it was 1720. I boarded the 1725 Thane - Dadar Fast EMU. While at entering the station, I spotted the Nanded bound Nandigram waiting for departure. We crossed the Pune bound Deccan Queen somewhere near Bhandup or Vikhroli. I reached Kurla just in time for the 17:47 Vashi EMU. My brother was coming to Vashi, and I could then avoid travelling all the way to Belapur, and we had some purchase at Vashi. The "action filled" year - 2006's last railfanning thus came to an end!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Meeting this good ol' friend!

Sorry for not posting tomorrow! I had no interesting things to post about yesterday, and to top it I was too tired to post! Anyways, going about with today's post:
This day, the 29th day of December 2006, will surely find a distinct mention in my history book. The day was quite normal till I reached Thane in the morning. While entering the MSRTC bus station right outside the station, a friend in my college informed that there are NO MSRTC buses towards my college due to some traffic problems. I decided to confirm it. By this time, another friend of mine (a classmate) joined me. We took a seat inside a bus that usually runs via my college. About 5-7 minutes later, the Conductor came in, and announced that the bus is taking a different route today!!! Totally dejected by the announcement, we walked out of the bus station to find some other alternative.
We were now queuing up near the local TMT (Thane Municipal Transport) bus station. Their buses were running way behind schedule, and were jam-packed. Soon, we were joined by a teacher of our college. Finally at around 0820 (Twenty minutes after I reached Thane), we got a bus bound to our college. The bus was already full, and there was no space to move around. There began a journey....Around 30 minutes of running, we hit the first huddle! A long line of trucks, cars and what not! Our driver was smart enough, and he kept maintaining the left most lane. We managed to slowly crawl ahead. At 0900 - We were still stuck up midway. I called up a friend, and his condition was no better. He was about 25 minutes ahead of us (but just 3 kms ahead!).
The teacher in our bus kept our spirits high. She maintained that NO action would be taken against us for reaching the college late. Time crawled past, and it was 0930. We had just covered 2 kilometres in the past 30 minutes. The driver was too smart, and he made it about a kilometre before our college by 1015. So that was a 1 hour 50 minute long journey to cover 11 kilometres! We walked the remaining distance, and made it to college by 1030!
We were AWESTRUCK! There were just 10 students present out of the 200 students of the Pharmacy department! We were 11 more in number! Our teacher was more surprised! Final years' were present in more number than any other class!!! Even most teachers were absent! Finally, I left college at 1245! I made it to Thane station by around 1340. In the return direction, the traffic block was much less! Just as I entered the station, the Coimbatore-LTT express pulled in (Argh! I couldn't see the loco!).
Some time later, While I was on Platform 6, the KR4 passenger from Ratnagiri pulled in. The loco in charge was WDM3A #18754 from Pune. Main-Line trains were running late, and the delay was 5-20 minutes! At about 1410, a light WDG3A from Kalyan rushed towards Nahur. I decided to wait until the Matsyagandha comes in. At around 1430, an announcement was made that the train is expected soon, while i could already see the loco pulling in. The loco was WDM3A #18596 from Erode. I got back to Platform 5/6. At around 1440, the CSTM-Chennai Express pulled in with WCG2 #20141 in charge. I got at EMU at 1447, and reached Kurla at 1508. A Belapur bound EMU was already pulling in, as I was walking on the FOB. I made a mad dash, and got into the train. I reached home by 1600!
Thanks for reading......The New year is now around! The countdown has already begun, and it is just 52 hours and 52 minutes more for the new year! (AS of NOW!)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nothing to Post :-(

Today was an absolute dry day. No interesting sightings to post! I am too sleepy now to write anymore. Sorry to disappoint you, but BYE FOR THE DAY!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10 minutes of tension!

I was on board my, by now, regular 06:58 EMU from Belapur. The journey was normal until Kurla. Just as I got out from the train in Kurla, my foot started paining (and it still pains!). I rushed up the Foot-Over bridge to reach Platform 5. Deccan express had already crossed. There was no signs of my train (0741 Asangaon Fast) pulling in. I heard the horn of a diesel locomotive at a distance, but wasn't able to spot is anywhere. Suddenly, a Kalyan WDM2 was approaching platform 6. I scrambled for my Camera. I found that the camera had accidentally switched on, and had been switched off my the power-saver function. The loco was coming closer. I tried to revive my camera, and she luckily responded. I had hardly a few seconds to click, and finally clicked hoping for the best! The picture above is the result!
Just as the loco passed, and the name of the train was visible, I burst out due to happiness! That was the Latur-Mumbai Express which has been on Diesel link since about 2 weeks. I finally succeeded in catching the train with its new diesel power!!!! Just as I turned back, I saw my train already pulling in. I jumped into the first class coach, and sat down totally relaxed. I started playing a game on my mobile phone. The style of driving of the particular motorman was interesting! We crossed an unidentified express (should be probably the Vidharbha Express) near Vikhroli. The EMU slowed down almost to a halt about two blocks before Bhandup. She then picked speed, and rushed through Bhandup with the horns blarring at full swing at a speed close to atleast 80 kmph!!! That was the best ever run through I have ever experienced on an EMU!
Mandovi was late, and hadn't arrived Thane! I rushed out of the station, and got a bus towards my college right outside Platform 2! I reached College at 0825 itself.
In the evening, My friend who was accompanying me wanted to reach Ghatkopar by 1630 due to certain personal appointments. We rushed towards Thane from our college. We reached there by 1555, and the fast was at 1603. Just minutes after we entered the platform, the Ratnagiri passenger came in WDM3A #18773R of Pune in charge. Our train pulled in at 1606. The second class coaches were jam packed. My friend holds a Second class pass, while I have a First class pass. I jumped into an FC coach, and that had quite a few empty seats while the Second class closeby was jam packed, and there were no empty space to even stand! My friend (let us call him Mr. SR) jumped into the FC just before the train pulled out.
Just as the train started moving, I noticed him and offered a seat which he refused. I just then noticed a gentleman wearing a vertical-striped shirt standing on the doorway. He was cleaning his spectacles. I had an internal feeling that he is a Ticket Inspector (TI)! The way he stood and his body language were clear indicators of the same. He indeed was! He started checking tickets of passengers near the door. He was at the first doorway of the coach, while Mr. SR was the second. I could see Mr. SR going pale and sweating out. All he had in his pocket was Rs. 100, and few loose change (coins). He quickly handed the 100-rupee note to me, and stood confidently. The TI was coming closer. I was preparing the see the worst. The TI caught a person travelling with a second class ticket, and asked him to pay the fine. In that excitement, the TI forgot to check the class of Mr. SR's season ticket! He escaped!
The TI came inwards, and checked my Season ticket - No problems. He caught a person with an expired Season ticket who was sitting near me! The TI got two preys in one single coach!!! Mr. SR came and sat near me with a relieved face after about 10 minutes of nail biting moments! I even felt that the train was running too slow! Mr. SR gave off a wicked smile, and signalled me to return his money tomorrow at the college, and got off at his destination - Ghatkopar! I carried on till Kurla. At Kurla, I spotted the Pragati express with a WCAM3 in charge. The train had three mis-matched liveried coaches - Two SLR, and the Pantry coach!
I boarded the 16:49 Belapur local from Kurla, and made it home by 1730! Bye for the day. I am feeling too sleepy, and am retiring off for the day!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Another day with VSP...

I got up quite late in the morning. It was already 0800 by then. I quickly got up, and messaged VSP to find the time when he is expected at Panvel. The reply was "1030"! I was relaxed. I reached Belapur station at around 1000. I called up Deepesh Soni while on the platform, and he said that his train is just pulling in.
I joined the same train, I was in the second coach while he was in the seventh. We met each other at Panvel. The train was hell crowded. Just as I got down, I heard the announcements regarding the arrival of 1689 Diva-Roha passenger. With Deep, I rushed in to see the loco already pulling in. That was WDM2 #18852 of Kalyan. Abhishek Tamhankar was to join us by this train, but he couldn't come down. We walked back towards the ticket counter to get a Platform ticket, but the counter had a very long queue.
We decided to stand on the FOB for some time. Around this time, a MU-ed pair of WCAM3s pulled in. Also, WCAG1 #21972 pulled in with a BLCA/B rake from Karjat. We were back at the ticket counter, and I decided to queue up. After getting the tickets, we were back at the platform. A tanker rake hauled by twin WDM2s pulled in. The locos were WDM2 #17590 & #17608. The train went through Panvel without stopping, and this is un-usual. The "flagman was taken by surprise, and he jumped up from a bench to show the signal!
Sometime later, at around 1130, VSP joined in. He had come with Giridhar on his (Giridhar's) bike. We decided to have a stroll around the station. WCAG1 #21973 was then preparing to haul a long BCNA rake towards Karjat. The rake was coming from Gandhidham, and was proceeding to Pandharpur. On the adjoining track, WCAG1 #21972 was also waiting. The loco had just reversed, and was now ready to take the rake towards Jasai. We had an adventure after that! (That would be reported later!!!). We finally parted ways at 1430!!!!
So..Bye for the day!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Meeting a Respected person!

Yet another sunday played host to railfanning! Today, I had an opportunity to meet Mr. V Srinivasa Prasad (Fondly called as VSP) from Hyderabad. He is a "timetable expert", and a member of Indian Railway Fans Club or IRFCA.
I left my home at 1155 towards Thane to take part in the meeting. The Belapur-Panvel section was closed for the day, and all EMUs were terminated at Belapur. I took an EMU towards Kurla from Belapur. I reached Kurla at around 1245. I went towards Platform 5 to catch a fast train. Just around then a WDS4 rushed towards DR with 10 coaches in tow. While on Platform 5, I spotted a light WCAM3, and the Hyderabad Express hauled by WCG2 rushing towards Thane side. My EMU pulled in at 1313, early by 2 minutes. It was a Fast EMU, BUT being a Sunday it halts at Vikhroli, Bhandup and Mulund in addition to the normal halts. The journey took 30 minutes instead of the usual 17-20 minutes. The platform at Thane was crowded heavily.
I had a tough time finding IRFCAn Ranjeet from the crowd. Just then, a Gorakhpur bound Special train pulled out of the station with a WCAM3 in-charge. Just then I got a call from VSP stating that his EMU was at Thane Outer waiting for the Special to cross over! I located Ranjeet, and we walked towards VSP (and Abhishek) whose train had by then pulled in. We went towards Platform 7 where Deepesh, Sachin and Sagar were waiting. We were joined by Giridhar Patnaik later on.
A few minutes after we reached the platform, we spotted the 1014 Coimbatore-LTT Express pulling in. The loco was WCAM3 #21945. The train had 20 coaches including a Pantry Car. A few minutes after the 1014 express went through, a long BOXN rake hauled by twin WDM2s #17608 and #17590 of Kalyan went through. Some more minutes later, a BCNA rake hauled by WDM2 #17717 of Abu Road went through the station towards Kurla. At 1439, the Mangalore bound Matsyagandha pulled in with WDM3A #14125 of Erode. While the Matsyagandha was stationary, the Dadar bound passenger from Ratnagiri pulled in with WDG3A #13063 of Pune in charge. Around the same time, the Mumbai-Chennai Express pulled in with a WCG2 in-charge.
We stayed at the platform till the Matsyagandha towards Mangalore went. After that, we took a group photo, and walked out of the station for some refreshments. While, we were sitting in the hotel for refreshments, we spotted the Sinhagad towards Pune leaving the station. VSP and Sagar went towards Borivali, while we dispersed! Just as myself, Deepesh, Ranjeet, Giridhar and Abhishek were entering the station, we saw the Manmad bound Godavari pulling in. We stayed over the FOB for a long time. Around this time, the HTE-LTT Superfast rushed through with WCAM3 #21958 in charge. Finally, Abhishek went off towards Dombivali. While on Platform 6, we spotted the Sewagram towards Nagpur pulling in. The Main line trains were running heavily crowded due to a mega block on the slow line, and finally myself, Giridhar and Deepesh decided to take the Thane-Vashi train at 1605. We parted ways at Vashi, and I finally made it home at 1700.
Photos of the meet are uploaded here. There is another railfanning planned for tomorrow! So bye till then!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

This lady is too fast!

The day began, as usual, with enough delays! I left my home with just 8 minutes to spare for my train, and the station is about 2.5 kms from home! I did the distance in 3 minutes. Just as I got down from the EMU at Kurla, I saw the Madgaon bound Mandovi express blasting off towards thane. EMUs on the Down Fast line were running late, and I boarded a Kasara bound local (07:23) at 07:35. The Pune bound Deccan Express was running late by 15 minutes. I spotted an unidentified train snaking into LTT, the LTT bound Habibganj Express waiting at Ghatkopar Advanced Starter, and Latur-CSTM Express waiting at Ghatkopar station. The loco incharge of Latur Express was WDM2 #17735 of Kalyan. This train is now regular on Kalyan WDM2s. On reaching Thane, I saw the Mandovi waiting there with WDP4 #20015 in charge.
In the evening, I boarded the 16:23 Fast from Thane. The EMU had a Motorwoman in-charge! She maintained steady speeds in the Mulund-Ghatkopar section. The ride was smoother, and she braked with care! The Ratnagiri passenger was late today. I boarded a Belapur bound EMU at 17:04 from Kurla. Thats the end of the day!
There are some surprises in store for tomorrow. REMEMBER: Drop in again!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter Outing::

The travelogues of 'the Winter Outing' is now available. Please use the following links:
  • Click here for Trip Summary page
  • Click here for Travelogue of Journey from DR to Bangalore
  • Click here for Travelogue of Journey from Bangalore to Thrissur
  • Click here for Travelogue of Journey from Thrissur to Bangalore
  • Click here for Travelogue of Journey from Bangalore to Dadar
  • Click here for Photo Gallery
Thank you!

Back to routine!

After two long weeks of abnormalities, I am almost back to my regular schedule (I plan to regularise the 06:58 EMU instead of the 06:33 one!!!). I had just ONE interesting observation in the morning! The Mandovi Express towards Madgaon. The loco was WDP4 #20025. This train is now 22 coaches long.
I was damn late in the evening. I missed the 16:23 train, and took the 16:27 train instead. There were no interesting spottings in the evening! All I saw was the Pragati Express with a WCAM3, and Nanded bound Nandigram express with WDG3A #13052 of Pune in charge. So that was it for the day!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A "pseudo-Normal" Day!

Today was yet another "Pseudo" Normal day. I was late as usual. I saw the Pune bound Deccan Express blasting past Kurla with a Noisy WCG2 in charge. I was seated comfortable inside the train playing a game on my mobile phone. I wasn't cared of what went on outside!
In the evening while returning, I was once again at the mobile playing a game. In the meantime, I saw Sewagram and Konark rushing out. I saw the incoming Mahanagari and the outgoing Kanyakumari at Kurla. I was damn tired to make observations!
Hope to put up something interesting tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back to the "e-world"!

Finally the telephone line is back in place, and I am back to where I belong to! This is the first post (via-internet) after long 9 days!
The 9-Long days were quite interesting with many spottings! Quite interestingly, on none of these days did I reach my college in time! I am now a regular on the 06:58 EMU from Belapur! I was a regular on the 06:33 train earlier! I regularly enjoy the "hi-speed" running of the Asangaon train from Kurla to Thane. I regularly meet Mandovi Express at Thane. Today the loco was WDP4 #20014.
This is just a notice to indicate that I am back. More detailed and interesting postings from tomorrow *onwards*

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Unexpected Interruption internet connection is down since the past four days. It seems that there has been some theft and the telephone wires from the telephone exchange are now missing! Hopefully the connection is restored soon. Until then there would be no updates here...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Back to the college!

Today was that day! The college re-opened after a week of vacations post the University examinations. Days of regular updates are here once again!

The day began 'late' today. I was in no mood to get up at 0500 when the alarm blared out. I finally was up by 0545. I missed the 0633 train by a huge margin. I left my home only by 0640. So the 0642 was also missed! I finally boarded the 0658 train from Belapur. The train was crowded as usual, and made it to Kurla at 0732. The Deccan Express rushed away with 16-Coaches and a noisy WCG2. The coach composition was 2X SLR; 2x AC Chair Car; 1x Pantry; 11x Second Sitting. I boarded the 07:42 Asangaon "Fast" from Kurla. The coach was 365A, turned out by ICF in August 2006! Just 3 months old! The EMU flew towards Thane, and I thoroughly enjoyed the AC/DC EMU ride after a long time. Mandovi was waiting for its signal at Thane, and the loco was WDP4 #20029. I was tired of seeing WDP4s after the Bangalore trip! Rushed to college since I did not want to be late on the first day!
Coincidentally, on the first day of college in this academic session also I had taken the 0658 EMU from Belapur, and connected to 0742 at Kurla! The same thing repeated for this semester too! Another thing repeated in this very day - But that would come up a bit later here!
We had a tiring 6-hour long practical today, and finally got out of the college and took the 1616 Fast EMU from Thane. That was an AC/DC one, and she too flew until Ghatkopar. We were held up at Ghatkopar outer for about 3-4 minutes. A Long LPG rake was ahead of us, and rake occupied two blocks! The Lucknow express was exiting from LTT, and that made the tanker rake to wait. The EMU continued flying after Ghatkopar. I narrowly missed the 1649 EMU from Kurla, and finally took the 1704 EMU from Kurla. I reached Belapur at 1744 (sharp!). Slowly walked out of the station only to be greeted by some misery. My Car's Rear Right tire was flat! I had a suspicion about the tyre right since the morning.
I jacked up the car and removed the tyre. I fixed the spare tyre there, but lo! The Spare tyre too was flat! Then I had to take the flat tyre to the mechanic in an Autorickshaw to get it fixed, and then had to bring the mechanic to the station to fix the new tyre. In short, I became poorer by Rs. 130 (Rs. 30 for the rickshaws, and Rs. 100 for the mechanic!). Now, the thing that was in common about the First day of the academic year and today was that, on both occasions I had a flat tyre! The only difference is that, in June, the tyre went flat in the morning and this time it was in the evening! One saving grace was that during June it was raining heavily and I got fully drenched, and today it did not rain!!!!
So bye for the day....My eyes are getting heavier and am not wishing to strain them anymore. Be sure to drop in again tomorrow!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter Outing: Final Update

Finally the 8 Day long trip is ended. The trip had me travelling 3586 kilometres in 10 different trains over a period of 8 days. The final part of the journey was: Yeswantpur to Dadar by 1018 Chalukya Express.
The loco for this train was WDM3A #17910R from Pune. My coach was AS1 (WGACCN 03130A, based at Dadar Terminus). The train had 14 coaches in the following formation: Loco-SLR-GS-S1 to S7-AS1-A1-GS-SLR-VPU. The rake was the same one in which I did the DR-YPR journey!!! The coach was built in April 2004 by RCF,Kapurthala. The coach had moulded toilets. The fittings were in good condition.
The train was late by an hour at Belgaum, Half-an-hour late at Miraj, and ON-TIME at Dadar. The train pulled into Platform 8 of Dadar right at 0720. I took an EMU from Dadar to Kurla, and thence to Belapur CBD.
The food served on this train was too tasty to resist - especially the Vegetarian meals served for Dinner by Ghatprabha Vegetarian Refreshment Room. That was mouth watering!
A detailed travelogue of the of the entire series will come up very shortly, and the links will be put up here.
That's it for today. I am too tired of the journey......Bye ;-)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Winter Outing: Update 5

Laziness...Wat else? Sorry guys for this very late update...
I reached Bangalore from Trichur on 07-December (Yesterday!). The journey was interesting. The coach was 02143/A based at Trivandrum (AS1). The loco was WAP4 #22295 from Erode. The train left Trichur at 2215 (late by 15 minutes), and reached Bangalore at 0945. I took a BMTC Volvo from Kempegowda to reach my brother's home!

Fourth and Final part of the journey begins tomorrow: I will board 1018 Chalukya Express from Yeswantpur at 0720 in the morning, and will reach Mumbai on Sunday, 10 December 2006, in the morning to pull down the curtains for this 8-day tour.

Travelogues will come up very soon. In the mean time, you can check the photos till date by clicking here. So bye for now....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Winter Outing: Update 4

Hi guys.... After a few days I am getting an opportunity to blog post :-(

Part 3 of the outing beins today: The journey from Trichur to Bangalore. The train is 6322 Trivandrum-Bangalore Weekly express, and I have a reservation in AC-3-Tier!

I have an upper berth :-(

Part 2 was interesting: The journey was like:
Bangalore-Coimbatore: 2677 Intercity Express (WDM3D #11108 from Erode)
Coimbatore-Shoranur: 611 Kannur Fast Passenger (WDM2 from Golden Rock)
Shoranur-Thrissur: 649 Ernakulam Passenger (WAP4 from Erode)

The journey was beautiful. Photos coming very soon. So bye for now!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter Outing: Update 3

Good morning friends......part 2 of Winter Outing has just begun.
This section has me traveling to Trichur (Kerala). The journey will be done on 4 trains! The first train is 2677 bangalore-coimbatore express. Details of other trains in the next report(s).
The journey by 2677 is already on.....the loco is Erode WDM3D 11108. More coming very soon....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Winter outing: Update 2

So, Finally here I am in bangalore! The train pulled into YPR at 2045, delayed by 5 minutes (On Saturday, December 02 2006). The loco for the Pune-YPR section was WDM3A #18933R from Pune! The train had a delay of 40 to 80 minutes in the Hubli-Arsikere Section. The train had a non-stop (uninterrupted) run between Davangere and Birur. A distance of over 110 kms was done in just an hour and 20 minutes! The train was blasting off at 100 kmph at most places (I measured the speed by calculating the time required to cover a kilometre!).
The run was mind-blowing and it was fun to watch stations flying past! That was an experience of a life-time. The 3100-hp beast had no problems to pickup from halts - The rake was just 13 coaches! The composition of the train was; Loco-SLR-GS-A1-AS1-S7 to S1-GS-SLR!
I will be leaving for Trichur tomorrow in the morning by 2677 Intercity express. So - More photos and updates on your way.
BTW, the photos of the Mumbai-Bangalore trip is available here.Bye for the day!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter Outing: Update 1

So here comes the first update of the journey via GPRS. The journey has begun. The train (1017) left dadar at 2132. WDM3A #18858R of pune is in charge. The journey began with a huge suprise - i got upgraded to 2A from my original seat in 3A. What a way to begin a journey :-) more updates will flow in tomorrow.......bye till then.

The Winter Outing: Curtain Raiser

Today marks the beginning of yet another railfanning trip to the south! I will leave to Bangalore by 1017 Chalukya express today from Dadar. I will return on 10 December by 1018 Chalukya boarding YPR on 09th!

So stay tuned for regular updates right here!

Lull after the storm

After miscreants created hell in Mumbai, now the police are creating heaven!
Most EMUs in the CR system was badly hit today. There were lot of cancellations round the day!
I had my last exam today, and the next one week is full of activities. Just look forwards for them! Sorry for such a small post, but I am in total hurry!